Liberty Activist ‘Murdered as He Slept’ by SWAT Team Seizing His Guns—Lawyer



We have warned many about the sovereign citizen and anti-government profile before about it being the platform for assassinating political enemies. It appears the assassins are getting sloppy or we just caught them. 

The freethought Project exposes the murder. Tells the story and moves on. LINK

The Daily Mail on the other hand calls the Liberty Activist an anti-government that was a part of a militia group with a bunch of pictures etc..LINK

By the Daily Mail writing all of this nonsense about Duncan Lemp, a talented Computer Programmer by the city of London in the UK, the publishing paves the way for the investigating prosecutor to declare the murder as a justified shooting. The S.W.A.T. team was under orders to murder the man. There was no reason, even out of the mouth of one of their own to murder the man as published by the free thought project.  

This is how the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association get away with political assassinations. We have been saying it for ten years, if you are profiled as a sovereign citizen or anti-government, no matter who profiled you as such, write an affidavit and accuse those profiling you with attempted murder. Make sure you publish the affidavit. 

Duncan Lemp was very ignorant of this type of assassination process against him, if he would have contacted us, we could have warned him a head of time as to what was going to happen. Duncan Lemp’s ignorance came from blind trust of the Lawyers and Police.

Who would ever believe that the people you are supposed to trust to protect you would actually murder you for political reasons? Don’t bother hiding the post Daily Mail, it has been recorded and is in evidence already. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America