More evidence from Anna von Reitz that she is trying to put people in jail for her boss Pope Francis!




The Private Indemnity Bond, the Church, and the Broken Spell-LINK

I received an un-marked communication asking me for a copy of the Private Indemnity Bond that I lodged with the Treasury; it must be understood that it is “private” only in the sense of being on the private side of the Treasury Ledger, and is in fact available for anyone to research at the United States Treasury by Bond Number.  These so-called private indemnity bonds are as fraudulent as they get and cause indictments: LINK

Anna von Reitz (Anna) does not have any Private Indemnity Bond, we have seen them and they are not what she claims. All collateral is listed as Unknown.  

What it says is that I and others including Witnesses who have established the fact that unlimited credit is owed to us, have indemnified (that is, underwritten) the States — meaning the actual States — to do mercantile business and to insure them against loss. This is a complete lie because there is nothing in the filings that reads anything about the States and nothing has been underwritten. 

To do this effectively, we placed liens first upon the assets of the National Credit, and then upon the assets of the Municipal STATES OF STATES and then upon the assets of the Territorial States of States, and rolled all of that into the Federal State Trusts. After that, we brought it all full circle and returned the Federal State Trusts to the actual Union, The United States, and The United States then returned assignment of the international “Powers” to our unincorporated Federation of States — The United States of America.  All of this that is written by Anna is a lie. There are no such entities in existence other than The United States of America which was a Confederacy and operated as a Federal republic in accordance with the Law of Nations. All of this other fiction is just a figment of the imagination of Anna. 

The indemnity bond is necessary for the Federal State Trusts to be liquidated and for The United States of America [Unincorporated] to do international business. Similar to owning a car, the Ship of State must be insured and underwritten when it conducts international business. This is not done through indemnity bonds,  it is done through tourism agreements but we are not going to help this scammer anymore with information that can make her more dangerous. The mere fact that such a claim is made shows everyone that Anna is running another scam to get other people to follow her lead right into a detention center to help the stock market. We are guessing that the order came down to start liquidating the patriot groups around the country with more fake money temptations. 

In the same way, The United States of America takes precedence as the Priority Creditor in “international waters” over all Delegated Authorities (the Queen and the Pope) and also over all Federal entities (including all US Corporations, States of States, and so on). None of these claims are true. This statement is designed to get people to trespass on other countries and create a superiority complex so you shoot when the feds hit the door which allows for extermination and collection of that insurance policy against your person when you die. LINK

Basically, the people (The United States) possess it all– the whole shooting match, in sum total— and the People acting as State Citizens in behalf of their States together operate The United States of America to serve the people. The United States is foreign to the States of the Union so which is it? The people (The United States) or the States Citizens which do not exist so none of this makes any sense. It appears that Anna makes up answers to make it appear she is intelligent while able to accept donations to her so-called “Living Law Firm”.

Those operating in an international capacity serve those operating in the national capacity. Those operating in the international capacity are serving world communism wherein this statement by Anna is another way of endorsing globalism for her boss, the Pope. 

This is so that local rule cannot be overcome by any foreign effort to imperil national security and suborn it through control of global or international levels of government. Another endorsement of globalism and world communism. 

The lawful tradition we honor prevents exactly what is going on right now, (obviously does not work) where Globalist criminals and self-interested internationalists are attempting to take over all the countries of the world through the simple device of owning and operating government services corporations— misdirected and evil corporations which the Pope is refusing to liquidate even though he is obligated to liquidate all such THINGS that operate in a criminal manner.  Obviously the Pope, Anna’s boss is one of the criminal Globalists. This is another sales pitch to get people to do these private indemnity bonds by acting like Anna has inside information and is connected and has the real scoop on things to get you to trust Anna so you will believe that you will be protected when doing an indemnity bond.   

Corporations are only allowed to exist for “lawful” purposes, not “legal” purposes, a fact that Pope Francis and Company have clearly never learned, have forgotten, or chosen to ignore. Corporations exist legally, everyone knows this in the business world. 

Chief among those offending corporations are those of the City of Westminster and the Bar Associations and all their associated accounts. Next are all the offending Municipal CORPORATIONS of the United States and all the other countries that have been abused by this “system” in which persons are treated as public properties.  This is where you place a little truth in with a bunch of lies to get people to trust you . 

Thus the liens are secured for the benefit of the living people of each State and for the State in terms of any property entrusted to any Federal State Trust or State of State organization’s holdings, and the people in turn indemnify the operations of the States and The United States of America in their behalf. This is a complete lie to create the facade that Anna’s paperwork has done something or has benefited anyone. Just another way for a convicted human right violator to remain relevant. 

The assignments had to be done in this peculiar fashion thanks to the obstructions that the Perpetrators placed in the way of the lawful governments, but the plain and simple fact of it is that the way our government is constructed, as long as there is an American breathing on this planet, our government lives.  Total lie because Anna does not have a government. 

I am not putting the blame for all this on rank and file Catholics and as everyone knows, I have done more than my share to attempt to raise the conscience and the consciousness of the Roman Catholic Clergy, but the facts remain:

1. Incorporated “commercial” entities are all ruled by the Roman Curia within the Roman Catholic Church; False, they are ruled by Lawyers that are ruled by the city of London. 

2. As they created these business structures, they are responsible for riding herd on them and making sure that they cause no harm; False, Attorney’s want harm done so they get paid for causing and fixing the problem under improper entitlements.

3. They have thus far failed this critically important social function and let the corporations, especially those that they directly own or benefit from, run wild; False: Read paragraph 2 again. 

4. They have directly supported “operant programming” that is highly immoral through investments in organizations that target young children, like Disney, which is now owned by George Soros, and the illegal Federal Department of Education that Jimmy Carter used to dumb down four generations of Americans; George Soros does not own Disney. Operant learning is not programming. The parents of children stopped teaching their children and the schools basically gave up. 

5. They have supported a worldwide program of chem-trail spraying that impacts every corner of the globe except Vatican City, which always makes sure that the chem-trail garbage is not spread on their soil and in their air;  Need to see the link on this one. What does this have to do with private indemnity bonds?

6. They have condoned sexual abuse within the Church, among the Clergy, and among the members, and taken such a lax stand against it that chronic repeat offenders have been allowed to continue their activities with the protection of the Church; What does this have to do with private indemnity bonds?

7. They have taught a form of cannibalism as Doctrine of the Church by the adoption of the notion of “transubstantiation” teaching that communion wine and bread actually magically transforms into the blood and body of Jesus; Not true at all. What is taught is that the bread and wine is representing what Jesus did for all mankind and asked that everyone drink a little wine and eat some bread in remembrance of what Jesus did for us. It has nothing to do with cannibalism. However, they have created cannibalistic money raising schemes like those convicted human rights violators at Southern Poverty Law Center. The same people that Anna tried to report our elected Governor to a while back like a good little communist. 

8. They have insinuated their operatives into over 700 of the largest corporations on Earth to form a criminal syndicate controlled by a massive Interlocking trust directorate; Something that Anna’s boss the pope is a part of and Anna serves and no way to prove or disprove this claim. . 

9. They have planned to liquidate all the actual national governments and add two new layers of “corporate government” — both regional government and United Nations Government, on top of the very lucrative corporate “governmental services corporations” they have in place, and to burden the people down with the expenses of their betrayers and oppressors; Another little tidbit of truth to make the lies look legitimate. 

10. They have allowed the pernicious teachings of idolatry and usury to run rampant and unopposed and have attempted to hide these issues “under the rug” and keep the obvious fraud going against people of all nations; Another little tidbit of truth to make the lies look legitimate. 

11. They have promoted the fantastic Big Lie that carbon dioxide emissions are dangerous, when they are naturally buffered and amounts to .035 of one percent of the atmosphere; Where is the link that makes this claim legitimate. 

12. They have failed to report and take appropriate action to address the actual problem which is a 5% drop in the amount of atmospheric oxygen in the past sixty years — a problem that can be countered by cleaning up pollution and planting trees and restoring other vegetation;  So we are going to believe in global warming now? Is the reader beginning to see a pattern here? 

13. They have hatched a flagrantly fraudulent taxation scheme based on this ridiculous idea that carbon dioxide is causing “global warming” and attempted to make otherwise sane people agree to the Paris Accords they proposed; Trump said this back in 2016 and 2017.

14. They have participated in and colluded in the biggest human trafficking and enslavement scandal in the history of mankind and benefited themselves from it, along with the Queen and Westminster, all of whom owe us good faith service and perpetual amity. The Queen does not owe any of us anything because she is not our Queen. Does anyone see how that was written and presumed? 

I suppose I could go on, but why bother? (Thank you….)That accounts for Jesus and the thirteen Disciples, all trampled underfoot, defamed, dis-served, and mocked. It is painfully apparent that however sincere Catholics may be, and however compassionate, and however devout —- their Church Leadership is following the Father of All Lies and doing so flagrantly to the detriment of life on this planet. What does this have to do with private indemnity bonds? 

It’s really simple, if you think about it. Choose life and truth over death and lies. How much more obvious does it have to be? Start following your own advice Anna. 

Recently, leaders of several Italian families have repented. They don’t know much about religion or philosophy, but they know how they have lived lies, and told lies, and used lies to prosper. And they know now that Satan is the Father of All Lies. They have turned away from the evil infesting the Church. No names, no way to prove this paragraph is a lie or truth but does give off the impression that Anna is connected with some rich and powerful people without name dropping. 

I don’t know what put the fear of God into their hearts, but there is a great turn around coming. The shivers of the “earthquake” in the global power structure are being felt from Stockholm to Bangkok. Everyone knows that this is true and just stating the obvious but has nothing to do with Anna’s work which did not wake up anyone and put them in jail. 

I felt exhausted this morning when I woke up, tired in a way beyond physical stress —- the kind of tired one feels after a great spiritual battle, so tired in fact that I didn’t immediately notice the change in the atmosphere. I was just going about my business drying my hair, checking my messages, and it hit me:
The spell is broken.  This is complete crap. Anna felt exhausted because Anna is 63 years old and there was no spell. People do not go through spiritual battles because everyone knows that the battle belongs to Jesus. Second, any made up spiritual battle by Anna did not awaken the entire world, that is a hilarious claim. Just another attempt by Anna to take the seat of Jesus/Yahushua and take credit for what he did. 

Enough people have awakened so that the powers of illusion and propaganda and lies and pretending to be something you are not, are broken, snapped like a rotten rubber band. That is because of Jesus and not Anna. 

I shook my head in wonderment. The spell that has kept people enslaved for thousands of years, kept people worshiping idols, kept people are war — all of it — is broken. Gone like a bad smell or a black cloud. This is because of Jesus not because of Anna’s private indemnity bond which is what this article is all about. Anna is faking a spiritual awakening so she can get more donations for Anna’s fake Living Law Firm and sell more baby deeds.  

All of a sudden, the atmosphere has changed. We are not in the same world we were in yesterday or all the other days we can remember. And all of a sudden look what has begun:

Tucker Carlson warns that America is being attacked by its own ruling class: Tucker Carlson has been talking about this subject matter for the last couple of years. 

This really is unheard of — someone else besides me reporting on the Brits at the bottom of every dog pile? The Brits have been named in many reports before Anna even starting her online persona. 

Do you all realize that I have waited for this day, without knowing that I waited for it, all my life? And now that it’s here, I can’t quite take it in and am too tired to enjoy it? But tomorrow, a great many more Americans will wake up, and more Italians, and more Swiss. More Germans. More Brits.

The Tipping Point has been tipped. This awakening has been going on since 2012. It goes to show everyone that Anna lives in her own world. Anna is so selfish that she barely notices anyone or anything around her. 

Hopefully one day Anna will repent for what she has done with all of the lies, the slander, and the scams Anna has performed for her boss the Francis. Please do not fall for the private indemnity bond scam, it is a trap to lure you into jail. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.