20191116-HRTI-JUDGMENT AND ORDER-Southern Poverty Law Center-TRIAL RESULTS


Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) TEENIE HUTCHISON 2) WENDY VIA 3) LISA GRAYBILL 4) HEIDI BEIRICH 5) MAUREEN COSTELLO 6) DAVID DINIELLI 7) Tina Tchen all found guilty of violating multiple human rights. LINK

Source: LINK

A lot of organizations know how SPLC does business. If SPLC does not like your point of view or can twist your point of view into something else other than its original intent, SPLC will publish the brand new profile so SPLC can raise money to destroy its own profile that never existed. 

The claimants made their case and all in SPLC  were found guilty. SPLC was given due process. The recording will be placed on the Human Rights Tribunal international website as soon as possible, however the final judgement is already published. 

How about that, the champions of human rights are the worst violators of human rights that have surfaced in the past 20 years other than the U.S. Supreme Court and its over 60 million murders. 

We don’t think we have witnessed a more hideous donations marketing campaign in the history of non-profits.

It is based on cannibalism. SPLC has to eat other organizations so it can raise money and survive. SPLC then becomes what it eats. 

It is evil to the core. The next phase is calculating damages and collections after 90 days. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.