James Clinton Belcher is a convicted rapist and human rights violator and not the Head of State of anything!



James Clinton Belcher, a convicted rapist in 1972 and a con man and convicted human rights violator claiming to be the Head of State of The United States of America, LINK is another fantasy cooked up by Anna Von Reitz and Paul Stramer.

Everything these three do is about the money. Anna fakes a bunch of paperwork claiming it changes the status of the person and wants 10 bucks sent to her fraudulent living law firm scam. These are the same people that claimed that Anna was a Supreme Court Judge in the State of Alaska, another false claim. However, it is easy to get people to send you donations every six months when a new scam comes out. 

This is what happened, they saw that the real Government of The United States of America posted a warning and these three tried to make their voice relevant and started a copy cat. LINK

Then these three tried to make things look official by faking concern for the lives of others by blaming the Queen and Francis, LINK with whom are nothing but puppets of the city of London, LINK and have destroyed many countries with their army of judges and lawyers to keep the drug money flowing.  LINK

Here it is folks, the Government of The United States of America and The United States of America was not inherited by James Clinton Belcher.  Seriously? Their followers are going to believe that false claim while James and Anna attempt to place their person’s above them as monarch’s? AND NO ONE, NOT EVEN SARAH WESTALL ASKED ANY QUESTIONS TO FORCE ANNA TO PROVE ANY OF ANNA’S CLAIMS IN HER INTERVIEW! 

This means a bunch of inhabitants are involved in this scam, it is just a matter of finding out all of them. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.