False Flag Alert: The DEMS have everything in place and even who to blame for their false flag!



The Virginia false flag event set in the near future has emergency and martial law written all over it which means whatever happens has to justify the existence of martial law. 

Each move being made is timed and timing is everything. Articles of Impeachment come out at the same time an emergency is created in Virginia by Governor Ralph Northam that reminds us of Frank Burns of M.A.S.H., an old television comedy set during the Korean War.

The Senate Trial keeps Trump busy during a possible false flag event. False flag events is violence used to change a political structure which is defined as International terrorism. 

They busted three guys that are a part of a so-called hate group which has a F.B.I.,  SPLC and the Lawyers Guild signature all over that arrest if it happened at all. They love to virtue signal during false flags. 

We have all seen this same scenario before, so all need to pay attention, if you see it, take notes, record it and we can use it for evidence within the Human Rights Tribunal for the future trial for the accused for the purpose of exposing and stopping this international terrorism. 

One signature to look out for is when you hear a Governor talk about how much he respects the rights of the inhabitants and overstates his concern for Public Safety while at the same time taking their right to defend themselves which is causing a rebellion and civil war in the first place; This means the inhabitants are being played.

When you see office holders become syrupy sweet and overly concerned by constantly talking about your safety; that is a totalitarian communist party member buttering you up to accept their tyranny. Trading your rights and liberty for safety is another term for slavery.  

Once again, please pay attention and record anything that can be used as evidence of international terrorism. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.