Please ignore anything coming from Anna Von Reitz published on Paul Stramer website or Anna’s website!



The latest load of crap being published LINK is more than likely coming from in retaliation for the 159th broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW. LINK

and this publication: LINK

The 29th of December, 2019 posting by Anna are really old lies that we have already addressed and were never proven to exist. 

Once again, no one ever claimed some Scottish corporation and we doubt it ever existed. No one went to a Naval Yard and bought anything. The publication is as fake as Paul Stramer and Anna Von Reitz herself. 

Here is a challenge for everyone.

Go and ask Anna Von Reitz herself: 

1: Where the proof as to her claim as holding the office of a Supreme Court Judge in the State of Alaska.

2: Which cases did she hear? 

3: What were the decisions on those cases?

4: We need to see the proof that this Living Law Firm exists and who she is working with where she can claim to have a law firm without any charge of practicing law without a license? 

5: What does a baby deed do in law and how does it free you?

6: Why does her paperwork change every six months? 

No need to ask anymore questions because the truth will never come out with these 6 simple questions. It is a lot like asking why delete 30 thousand emails?, no one will ever get that answer. 

They keep coming up with the lies and we keep knocking them out of the park. Anna and her groupies hate the fact that we got to The United States of America first and remain about 10 years ahead of them on research. It has to hurt to live with such pain and jealousy on a daily basis and we pray for them.  

Some people ask us why we waste our time with people like Anna and Paul and her groupies? The answer is we don’t, they are a very small part of our month. While they sit and hate we keep growing daily. What is said or posted by Anna does not effect us at all as far as people listening to their propaganda.

People are pretty sharp about seeing through their lies so Anna is hurting herself and helping the Government of The United States of America every time she opens her mouth without realizing it.

It must be a nightmare to exist with jealousy, hate, and power hungry tendencies in your heart while attempting to convince people you are a monarch and Queen of The United States of America. That is the funniest and latest load of crap coming from the power couple Anna and Paul.  These two idiots could do so much for this country and yet concentrate on hijacking it for their own egos, sad… 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.