Notice: Palatine-Shaumburg District 211 school board is hereby placed on notice!



The Government of The United States of America has full authority over the the Northwest Ordinance, adopted July 13, 1787. The authority now resides with the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. Chain of Title to this claim has never been disputed within the six months allotted by International Law and has been recorded on the International Public Record.  

The Northwest Ordinance, adopted July 13, 1787 is the document that created all districts including but not limited to all school districts that exist today.

IT IS HEREBY NOTICED, that any and all gender policies, perverted sex education teaching the abomination practices of the religion of Baal Peor  being voted in favor of or even being considered to be implemented in any school district or counterfeit abominable school district created by the Communist Party, USA is hereby forever  abolished and outlawed. Violence against children and the innocent is never tolerated. Mental torment and anguish against children is never tolerated. 

IT IS FURTHER HEREBY NOTICED, that any non-compliance with this notice will result in a fine of up to 22.5 million dollar fine which will turn into a lien within 90 days of receipt of the fine if not paid in full or for non-compliance with this notice. Compliance with this notice is accepted for value as a stay of any fine or lien. 

Compliance means; all aforementioned policy removed from all records and implementation within all school districts within the next 30 days from the above date of this notice.