Second Notice: Ignore any and all decrees, mandates or anything else coming out of the convicted human rights violators Anna Maria Riezinger, Paul Stramer and James Belcher!



This is a second notice from the first notice published here: LINK

The three names listed above are under international judgment and have no claim to anything and never did: LINK

Once again, no links to the claims, still trying to say James Belcher, a convicted rapist has a claim to The United States of America,  all the while all three working for a foreign monarch.

Four years ago, all three were still claiming to be under the constitution of the United States. It was only when THE T-ROH SHOW showed everyone the truth did these thieves start trying to claim The United States of America.  

Everyone that attacks the Government of The United States of America would not have a clue about the real country had it not been for THE T-ROH SHOW and none of them lifted a finger to help in its reformation. As a matter of fact all they have done is make demands with a stolen seal. They have made demand after demand and nothing has happened because they do not understand true independence and self reliance.  

All three have lied, cheated and stolen and none of them are qualified to run a country nor know anything about the Law of Nations. The Government of The United States of America has remained at least ten years ahead of every group out there in research and are the only ones that get anything accomplished.

All other countries have registered with a stock market somewhere in the world, this makes them operate as corporations and the Government of The United States of America is the last country standing while being attacked from people it is trying to help.  Every person that attacks is helping the globalists. 

This is the Great Seal of The United States of America: 

and has been since before these three thieves, vagabonds and fugitives started their theft, satanic campaign to destroy all countries. 

This is the National Flag of The United States of America: amended: LINK

It has been in place since 2011. 


This is the National Anthem claimed in 2014: LINK

“America the Beautiful”

Then a rapist and two thieves with a stolen seal come around and their followers don’t even question the lies told to them everyday.

This is when the States of the Union were re-established and by whom?: LINK and the three thieves came forward to commit their theft trying to steal credit when none of them knew what the States of the Union were at anytime and still do not understand what has happened to them. 

Everything that has happened since 2010 has come through this Government and National assembly from Yahweh through Yahushua (Jesus the Christ), and these three fugitives steal the credit and lie to everyone on a daily basis like any of them have a clue about what they are saying. 

Why do people think that when someone gets so butt hurt and will trash this Government for months and years when caught committing a crime? It is because they know they screwed up their only chance to a Nationality and the real country. The pain reaches to their core and they cannot get over it. They will say the most vile things for years. It is because this is real. 

A lot has been accomplished and none of them nor any of their followers will receive any results of those efforts in anyway. They will make empty demands and create paperwork that will do nothing as a result. Round and round they go. We came up with the circular statement on THE T-ROH SHOW and were presented with the term a few weeks later from one of their groupies as if they came up with it calling it a 4 year circular pattern. The devils den of thieves are so predictable…… 

When the Government of The United States of America finally gets a jail, all three persons will be in it for the rest of their lives. These human rights violators have caused more damage than the whole country will ever realize. We cannot get a jail fast enough and the Globalists love them for what they have done for them. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.