Pentagon says it can’t pay for wall!



Apparently, the Pentagon can’t afford to protect anyone due to costs. LINK

However, the tripartite can jump to the defense of Saudi Arabia and more than willing to spend resources in that area of the world. 

Let’s look at this logically, the Pentagon, the Military Branch of Vatican city (Religious Branch) and city of London (Financial Branch), a communist organization does not have enough money to pay for a wall on the Southern Border. 

The tripartite could use the drug money it brings in from Afghanistan or Central and South America. How about the money brought in from the insider trading at the New York Stock Exchange. How about the money brought in with the sex trafficking or adrenochrome supply. 

Oh, how about all of the tax money collected that goes directly to Vatican city every year collected by the 9 Barron family’s that own all of the rail roads. 

The real deal is this folks, the Pentagon protects the interests of the tripartite, not America, it is very simple, the Vatican is at war with the world attempting to be the religious branch of the New World Order which told the pentagon to stand down on the wall because the Vatican wants to invade North America from the Southern Border using the Migrant brand advertised by the United Nations. 

First, the Vatican has to get the guns out of the hands of the people, then there will be a claim that Europe cannot take anymore Migrants, the boats will hit southern and central America and they will come up through the southern border and go into the cities. 

Then the resources will be drained more than they are now, and a hell like no other will have occurred. Kiss any kind of freedom goodbye and a host of other hellish atrocities will occur. Including but not limited to some of the hellish things that happen in the basement of the Vatican no longer hidden and required to attend the event in the town square. 

There is a much larger story behind every false claim of “can’t afford” if you understand the structure. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.