The city of Washington D.C. locked and loaded to rush to the defense of Saudi Arabia?



The tripartite use to be so much better at the art of lying their way into a war. WW II started the same way when it was known that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor and the tripartite let it happen. 

Now the tripartite is trying to start WW III, so it makes you wonder if John Bolton was fired to get him out of the way so WW III could begin. Has the White House become fake news itself and are good people being labeled the swamp when in fact they are not? 

Put it together, John Bolton fired, Saudi Arabia is bombed, WW III. Trump, at the ready, like a little puppy dog ready to get his belly rubbed and patted on the head like a good boy. The attack on Saudi Arabia oil refinery looks a lot like the U.S. had a big hand in the attack. 

The Saudi’s must have some serious dirt on Trump when he is so ready to put his own peoples lives on the line so quickly to come to the defense of Saudi Arabia when Saudi Arabia won’t put their own peoples lives on the line to save Saudi Arabia. 

So Saudi Arabia and its people won’t protect Saudi Arabia…..hmmmmm…..

Either way, it appears that Trump has joined the war mongers that cowardly hide within their offices and openly sacrifice the children in all ways that can be imagined. Trump has already joined Big Tech against the people, lets see what he does next on his way to completely selling his own soul to the highest bidder.

The real question is, who is Trump working for and does he understand that killing people is also murder under certain circumstances. Unless repentant, murderers do not enter into heaven, the problem presented is no one knows when their last breath will be and hell is a permanent judgment in accordance with the new covenant if you don’t repent before your last breath.

Another question presents itself, is this earth and all that is offers worth your soul?   

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.