Addressing the Commander in Chief of the United States Military!



The Government of The United States of America has been watching this series of tweets aimed at the four women known as “The Squad”. Most of those women are facing some war crimes in the very near future; LINK

The content of those tweets simply constitutes and all out effort on both sides to create a narrative wherein both sides are completely wrong and still does not reverse an international default that has occurred in an international challenge: LINK

No one is questioning as to whether or not that the commander in chief can run a company or questioning as to whether the commander in chief can fix a companies problems and make it run smoothly and prosper. These facts are undisputed under the current commander in chief.

The question remains as to whether the company corporation could operate as a country because fixing a company corporation is easy when the full liability rests elsewhere. 

The history of the flag flown over the White House is not an American flag as evidenced here: LINK

and therefore cannot represent America and no amount of rhetoric to the contrary changes the history of the company corporation flag. 

No amount of power, denial or fire power can change the facts and companies cannot become countries nor can they become governments otherwise we have a fascist regime which is exactly opposite of what your office is claiming. 

The People cannot claim a nation or country status while under the direct control of a Board of Directors of the City of London because the People have not accepted full liability for their actions.  All actions taken are under the liability of the Board of Directors and that is why they cover their liability under Lloyds of London and the People pay the premiums. No one can claim independence under those conditions just like a son cannot claim rights living under his dads roof. The company corporation will always remain under the privilege of its owners. 

When everyone is ready and has faced the reality of their situation, lets all sit down at a table and work this out otherwise no one is going to achieve anything and no one gets what they want and no amount of force is going to settle the matter. All force will do is jeopardize the after life of everyone that cannot accept the truth about their flag and false identity.

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.