Owner of Fogbow.com accused of attempted murder!



The owner of Fogbow.com is accused of attempted murder by claiming that a non-member of being classified as a “Sovereign Citizen Domestic Terrorist” and multiple human rights violations through a technique called “Gaslighting”. The owner of record according to ICANN LINK is Richard Skalsky of Palo Alto, California.

Affidavit: LINK

Some Exhibits and the evidence is growing: LINK

Apparently Richard Skalsky runs a website specifically geared towards self professed Marxists and Leninist wherein Prosecuting Attorney’s frequent to gain information to help them with their cases on a local level.  There are also lawyers and police that access private files and criminal history and share that information on the Fogbow website. 

Further, its members will troll phone calls, meetings and other events for the purpose of interference, gas-lighting and other violent acts for the simple purpose of harassment and intimidation. 

The criminal activity that emanates from the website itself does not help anyone trying to do business as an internet presence.  The fogbow website further acts as if it were some kind of official website for classifying persons which forces association and profiles persons in an arbitrary manner contrary to due process; which can ultimately end up that Fogbow’s target being tortured in a detention center or murdered by a political assassin using deadly force because of a lie also known as swatting. These situations are a very serious matters wherein the members of the Fogbow website think it is funny. 

The Fogbow website is in desperate need of being taken down or changing its format as soon as possible because the evidence is growing against its owner of record. 


More information on the SOVEREIGN CITIZEN MOVEMENT can be found here: