The Continental Dollar exposes slavery Countrywide and Worldwide!




If anyone has been following the progress of the Continental Dollar, various American Nationals have been offering the Continental Dollar as tender of payment around the country. The courts have been claiming that they want US currency only. LINK  

This demand for a certain “currency” only would be a legitimate demand if the organization issuing the currency was not privately owned. Countries do have the right to demand their own money within their territories, however privately owned companies like the federal reserve do not have that legal right. 

A particular money represents a country, just like its seal, flag and stamps. When a privately owned company violates its own policy by a demand for its currency only, is also a demand for the exclusive representation of a country perpetrated by private parties. Some people refer this sort of activity as International crimes, fraudulent mis-representation and a host of other terms, when in fact it is nothing more than slavery in all of its forms. Forced representation and forced equity extraction meaning ignoring private property rights through its private taxation scheme is slavery in all of its forms.  

This type of activity is also a war crime when using the power of a Military whether directly or indirectly to force a fine or other bill in a particular currency against civilians. People have a right to represent their labor in whatever form they choose. In the absurd, people could trade in toothpicks if they wanted or so desired. 

We have heard these statements coming from the courts and finance companies: 

1: The currency does not create a legal obligation.

2: I am not sure, however the US Treasury is investigating this matter. (nothing ever happened)

3: Two American Nationals were threatened to be placed in contempt of court. 

Of course, unbeknownst to the perpetrators, all the American Nationals did was collect evidence of massive human rights violations in the form of slavery perpetrated by fiance companies, lawyers and judges.  Let the world know that the United States is nothing more than a bunch of lawyers and judges playing banker attempting to perpetrate slavery on Americans and the rest of the world proven by their own actions over a three year time period. 

If this New World Order continues to force representation through its 527 organizations, it will be short lived, it will be a matter of time wherein the people will rebel to break free of their slavery and all of the efforts of the CFR and others will lose everything they have and exile their persons forever. There may be some people that would not mind seeing that happen. A New World Order was never meant to enforce slavery or even hint towards one human being owning another. It is obvious some nefarious people have hijacked the concept and with its stolen equity, used that stolen equity to steer a New World Order in a nefarious direction. 

What this all means is when the Continental Dollar was brought forward to the present time, its existence allowed the truth to be told and became evidence that slavery in all of its forms in fact exists and all of the conspiracy theories have been proven to be true. Forced representation is forced association, forced association when theft occurs is in fact slavery.