Opportunist Steve Baiocchi attempting to file Class Action Law Suit against the Government of The United States of America!



Steve Baiocchi, Mark Rock Higgins, David Jose and others are attempting to do their best to stop progress when it comes to reversing the stateless problem in North America. 



Lets get the obvious out of the way, no one has stolen anything from any of these men. What we are witnessing are some opportunists attempting to hijack what has been built to fill their own pockets. 

Steve Baiocchi use to hold the office of Chairmen of the American National Union of The United States of America, the original Union formed in 1774.  He then attempted to appoint his buddy as the Registrar, David Johnson, someone that was not a member at the time. An objection was made to that appointment and all hell broke loose. The following video is a part of what went on till the wee hours of the morning: 


Would anyone want this man to have in his possession your business records and control of all of the members information? The man did not qualify for office and Steve Baiocchi, being his close friend, did everything he could to derogate from all of the rules in place to get his close personal friend in the office of the registrar. This way they could both have full dictatorial control over all of the members.  When it was stopped, you can hear just 8 minutes of what happened for the next 12 hours. Breaking rules and doing favors for close personal friends is the epidemic of corruption going on all around us. From that point on Steve Baiocchi was and still is known as a traitor to the original Union of 1774 brought forward to the present time. 

So a few days ago, when the Government of The United States of America was making progress, here comes Steve Baiocchi, posting all of the lies of Anna Von Reitz on his facebook page: His facebook page is public so not privacy violations.



A few days earlier, two men related by marriage, David Jose and Mark Rock Higgins started some gas lighting and when we attempted to work with them to solve the problems they were claiming existed,  they were extremely uncooperative meaning they would not let the problems be solved, and there was no way of making peace with them. However there was one part of the gas lighting that was interesting, David Jose claimed that he did not need any Government to claim a Nationality and he also claimed that he has been able to release 16 children from CPS yet cannot get his own children back from CPS. 

David Jose further tried to go into business getting children back and working together a few weeks ago on the National assembly call rather than following the Child Claim procedure already in place for free. Here are some examples of the gas lighting and of course, whenever this happens because it is not the first time, the word “dictator”  always comes out of their mouths and always goes against the person trying to stop the criminal activity. 






So it was beginning to appear as if David Jose and Mark Rock Higgins was going into business using the private membership association information and the claiming a Nationality process, but you can’t do that if there is a Government that is in the way of that business venture. They kept asking over and over that they wanted the full process, step by step written in black and white which gave the Government the hint of what was being planned. 

Groups like this keep claiming that they are under common law and here is the definition of that law form: 

com·mon law

Dictionary result for common law

/ˈkämən ˈˌlô/
    1. the part of English law that is derived from custom and judicial precedent rather than statutes. Often contrasted with statutory law.
      • the body of English law as adopted and modified separately by the different states of the US and by the federal government.
      • denoting a partner in a marriage by common law (which recognized unions created by mutual agreement and public behavior), not by a civil or ecclesiastical ceremony.

      So all of them want English law over them, they do not want statutes, they want judicial precedent to create their common law without a judicial authority meaning they want a judge to legislate from the bench without an elected judge, and then keep claiming the constitution of 1789 when none of them were a part of that document. Every time they are asked who do you contact if there is a problem to solve, they rush to the Bible and say that you go to the one that you have an issue with and try to settle it, then go to their assembly, they usually name their assemblies, but don’t believe in fictions over them. Whenever they have an issue, it all becomes about the money. 

      The Government of The United States of America does accept USD as payment and it passed along to vendors that do not accept the Continental Dollar yet because there needs to be a network of manufacturers, suppliers, and producers in order to make that happen and it takes time. The Government of The United States of America is forced by the company to accept the USD in violation of their own policies. LINK  The company is doing that because they have the power to do it, not because there is a flaw with the Continental Dollar. 

      These men are using that crime and violation of public policy to their advantage in a attempt to do more damage to people that use the funds to keep websites running so people can claim a Nationality. There is not one requirement by the Government of The United States of America for a social security number, it does not need nor is it a part of that trust. Nothing goes to waste and a very small part of it is used to pay some people to do the work of Naturalization and by no means are they getting rich. We would all rather take the Continental Dollar as payment for work accomplished. Being forced to do something is not an admission of guilt of any crime. The process is very time consuming, people do not answer their emails, they show up, pay a fee, they are sent an email, they do not answer the email for months and then comes back and ask where everything is and what happened to their resident declaration. The Government of The United States of America has extensive records into each Nationality claim. Every email and every response. 

      We also have issues with people that do not know how to use a computer nor do they pay attention to instructions and details. We have to repeat things over and over and over and over. Everything is done by the consent of the claimant, no one forces them into any situation and it is clear from the beginning that they hold all American Nationals harmless for anything that happens. LINK 

      So with that original held harmless agreement, a Class Action law suit is basically a joke and shows the intent of the men or women attempting to make that claim. In order to keep that agreement, the Government of The United States of America makes sure everything is recorded and no fraud is attempted meaning that no one steals anything from Treasury for their own use. A report of everything is reported each week to the National assembly in the weekly reports and everything is recorded and those recordings are stored. 

      Example of what the Government of The United States of America has to do everyday:  The Whisper Ministry by Steve Baiocchi:  LINK  wherein he claims it is a ministry meaning they preach the Bible, however there is not one reference to the Bible anywhere on the website. It is a political website that advocates for the foreign common law of England and has a lot of old political information from the 90’s on it.  So it is not a church or Ministry at all, instead it is a cover for a political movement because the Bible is never mentioned. For this reason, this newspaper had to remove that entity listing from its directory because it was claimed to be a faith based organization. 

      The Government of The United States of America spends most of its time stopping people from doing illegal and unlawful things continually. The people doing the crimes get mad and start the whole dictator narrative and are basically butt hurt that they were caught rather then thankful for the correction. It happens all of the time. This is the reason for the held harmless agreement in the beginning. 

This will not be the last time that people like Steve Baiocchi will try something like a class action in violation of his resident declaration agreement. He already violated and abused his position as Chairmen of the American National Union of The United States of America. Steve Baiocchi was given a great honor freely that he never earned and crapped all over it and is now trying to gas light it away. 

Once again, no one was robbed, most if not all of them are in middle of their Naturalization process and won’t read the next step. All of these issues which are nothing but a handful of people, everyone else went right through with no issues, is based on a lack of communication and understanding. In order to fix the problem we are looking for people to hold the hands of those people that refuse to read their emails and fully understand what they are doing, however that takes time and once again resources that come out of the pockets of General Post Masters and their families.  

This publication of record is not with the intent to discredit anyone, those discredited did that all on their own. It is an attempt to show people that the Government of The United States of America and the National Governments formed in the States of the Union are operated by real people and families of their own and basically have the same problems all Governments have at one time or another. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America