Anna Von Reitz cannot say anything positive!




Here we go again folks,  Anna Von Reitz has come up with another unprovoked attack!

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Here is the latest: 

Quote: What T-ROH (The Reign of Heaven and Keith Livingway) is spreading and encouraging is all 100% garbage. 

Answer: So now spreading information and encouraging people is now 100% garbage. There is no such thing as Reign of Heaven, the reign of the heavens is a country:   and the Temple is an extension of the first church of James:  We cannot see anything negative about those facts unless you are bitter and live a bitter life which is torment in and of itself. 

Quote: Ignorant people who don’t know the difference between the Universal Catholic Church (which means all churches everywhere of every denomination that are devoted to the teachings and imitation of Yeshuah, known as The Christ) and the Roman Catholic Church have misinterpreted my message to Cardinal George of Chicago, but if you bother to go to my website, and read the letter in context you will see for yourself what the tenor of my communications to the Catholic Clergy worldwide has been for many years.  Read the Letter to Cardinal George posted there and see if you can in any way interpret that as the work of a “Vatican Agent”. 

Answer: Blood Oath to the Roman Catholic Church:  LINK

Anna Von Reitz is within her rights to join any church she desires, however, no one but Anna Von Reitz signed the document in the link that clearly states that she is a private attorney in service to Pope Francis. The Universal Catholic Church is nothing more than an extension of the Roman Catholic Church: LINK Joining the Universal Catholic Church part is not the problem with her claim. 

According to Anna Von Reitz own words, she represents Pope Francis that is not an American, who in fact is a foreign Monarch. Anna Von Reitz is in violation of the document she advocates is an American Government,  when in fact is it nothing more than a privately owned company. LINK  Accepting a title of private attorney from a foreign Monarch means that Anna Von Reitz is a foreign agent and represents a foreign monarch that is clearly attempting to destroy this country. 


Then also read my book, Disclosure 101, which details the work I have done for many years to try to correct this horrific mistreatment of humanity. 
T-ROH the source of all this garbage is trying to get Americans to “sign up” for their private commercial corporation and its services, just like numerous other persons and entities are trying to get Americans to sign up for their “governmental services”, but the fact of the matter is that the actual government of this country is vested in the living people and not in any commercial corporation.  Those corporations are supposed to be taking their directions from us, and acting as subcontractors of our actual government. 
Answer: This has been said over and over, the Government of The United States of America and The United States of America  is not a private commercial corporation, it is not incorporated nor is it incorporated anywhere on the planet. Once again, when you make a claim, place a link as to where the Government of The United States of America or The United States of America is incorporated. The days of just trusting Anna’s claim without any proof of claim is over. Her so called actual government never existed under 1789 and that fact has been proven over and over by THE T-ROH SHOW. LINK


The problem is that this scam promoted by commercial corporations like the “U.S. Inc.” and “U.S.A. Inc.” and “UNITED STATES, INC.” and “U.S. Corp” and “the United States of America, Inc.” and “The United States of America, Inc.” and “The Republic for the United States of America, Inc.” and “E Pluribus Unum the United States of America, Inc. “—- and believe me, I could go on —- has gone on so long, that people have literally forgotten what the actual American Government is and how it is supposed to function. 
And I am teaching a whole new generation of Americans to be Americans and how to peacefully and safely restore the government they are owed. 
Answer: There has never been a The United States of America, inc. if so where is the link? If someone has a oath to a foreign power, how are they supposed to tell everyone in a foreign land how an American Government is supposed to work? Everything that the foreign agent says would be on behalf of the foreign power and by watching how that foreign power runs his Monarchy, no thanks, we can figure it out on our own. The rest of the claims in that paragraph have no links to anything so we can say some lazy writing has occurred. Governments and countries are not owed to anyone, they are earned by the people that are in social compact and work towards freedom, effective self governance and sacrifice their time to support their country for the future generations. No one owes anything to anyone on this planet, that type of thinking is how we move towards communism and socialism. Communists and Socialists will consistently preach entitlement rather than earning something legitimately. Listen to Bernie Sanders, he wants to steal from the one percent in this country and is advocating for massive theft under socialism.  


Naturally, none of these commercial corporations want that.  They want to ride rough-shod over their actual employers and be in control of our resources and our lives.  That’s why they want us to sign private contracts with them instead of them having to obey the public contracts — the Constitutions — that already exist. 
Answer: The real answer to this claim is that the people do not have a social compact with those Constitutions and therefore are without standing.  The Government of The United States of America is fixing that problem one person at a time and not sitting in a comfortable home complaining about it. 
Quote: I am destroying their whole “system” of things and so they attack the messenger, but it won’t help them.  Trump has the message.  The American military has the message.  The Queen has the message.  The Pope has the message.  Millions of people all over the world have the message.  And the messenger doesn’t even count. 
Answer: Anna Von Reitz has not destroyed a thing nor has any effect anywhere with any of the postings she has written: LINK
If you are not a party to that particular organization, yelling from the street corner is not going to do any good, it is a complete waste of time.  
Quote: They can say all the vile things that they can dream up about me, but it doesn’t change the Truth I have told the world.
Answer: The only vile things being said are by Anna Von Reitz herself, out of her own mouth. Anna Von Reitz has published some horrible lies about people, slandered them and has directly been responsible for many people going to jail for long periods of time. LINK  
When writers publish claims with no links to prove the claim, that is called vile. If Anna Von Reitz was really concerned about America and a real American Government, she would support the efforts of the Government of The United States of America instead of constantly slandering it and the people that are a part of it.   
Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America,