The National assembly for the Government of The United States of America passes the IMMIGRATION ACT OF 2018!



The National assembly for the Government of The United States of America passes the IMMIGRATION ACT OF 2018! LINK

Immigration Acts are not really hard to write and not hard to enforce unless you have a Stock Market that allows politicians to invest in company stocks while holding office.

The U.S. Congress, an offshore trust under the internal revenue trust allows its politicians to invest in certain stocks while in office wherein to allow illegals to reside within the United States would mean that there is no record if those illegal aliens paying taxes.

If this condition occurs, the stocks in the company would always appear to the General Public as gaining in profits and there is less liability with having documented employees that could claims benefits against the company profits.

It is very lucrative to receive undocumented labor to work for companies that are publicly traded and it also allows a company to claim earnings that do not exist at least in reality.

The U.S. claims its immigration laws are weak when in fact there are Senators and Congressmen that make several phone calls per year to Immigration and Naturalization to stop certain deportations.

Nothing is ever as it seems and building a wall on the Southern border would cause a lot of those illegal aliens to have to be documented which will cut the profits of publicly traded companies and ultimately cut into the extra income of a politician.

Yes to the question that many people not a part of the constitution of the United States nor a part of its benefits suffer under laws that are not designed to protect them, they are designed to fill the pockets of politicians that invest through various private trusts in stocks when a so-called law is passed and everyone else pays the price.

When people claim they are not subject to those laws because of its nefarious nature, they are called anti-government and their reputations are destroyed by organizations like SPLC and many other communist watch dogs.

The Clintons were broke when they went into office and the first thing they claimed was to start socialized medicine legislation and the stocks went down in the pharmaceutical industry, the Clintons invested into those stocks, and then announced that the Socialized Medicine was going nowhere and their stocks went up and made millions.

That is just one example of thousands that can be written.

All major announcements have ulterior motives, follow the money and 90% of your questions will be answered.


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