The Government of The United States of America hereby publishes an offer to the U.S. Department of Defense!




The Government of The United States of America hereby publishes the following offer to the U.S. Department of Defense, (DOD),

The Government of The United States of America (Government) receives at least 2 complaints and or reports of children taken from their families per day. There are so many complaints, that the taking of children by Child Protective Services (CPS) has become an epidemic.

Although the Government knows that some of these separations may be legitimate and this offer is not intended to demonize CPS, most of those caseworkers are good people and mean well, however the reports received that are being investigated are horrible stories that would make the average person sick to their stomach.

The Government is receiving reports of countless children being taken and adopted out for a price and there have been multiple reports of child molestation by the foster parents. The Government has received horrific stories about this subject matter. The Government has seen the reports of CPS workers with nothing more than opinions written in their records with no state statutes listed whatsoever.

The Government can see a whole generation of dysfunctional children that are being raised in an over taxed CPS foster care system that will grow up to hate this country because of what it has been done to them.


The Government is offering an organized joint task force wherein the Government and DOD come together and form a task force to investigate and return those children that were in fact not in an abusive situation. This offer is for DOD and no other agency.

The Government will pay the costs of this offer and is seeking cooperation to resolve this issue before it grows to an uncontrollable situation. Many parents are seeking another recourse and CPS workers, local judges and lawyers and local police will not favor that outcome. The perpetrators of these crimes have pushed the mothers and fathers to their limits and it is time to stop these horrific acts against families.

The Government does not seek retribution against those that have perpetrated these crimes against the rights of the child and their families, it seeks to return these children to their families and move on to the next and get those children returned.

The Government seeks cooperation in this matter, take this offer seriously before it is too late and the parents are moved to violence. The most dangerous situation in this world is a mother or father that is fighting for the well being of their children with nothing to lose. A contract can be written and all parties can agree to the course of action within the contract.

If this offer is accepted, please contact the office of the Secretary of State at:


The Government of The United States of America,

office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America,

John Harold Fulks

3 Replies to “The Government of The United States of America hereby publishes an offer to the U.S. Department of Defense!”

  1. kristen clark

    Here’s my opinion give everyone their children back now. Immediately. It is obvious that our government has help make the welfare system a for profit organization. Hiliary Clinton helped make adoption the priority in the 90’s when the welfare laws were “reformed.” That incentivized adoption over family reunification. The consequences of these changes are evident in every state. Workers will lie to the parents and to the judge. . The state has made a profit off of our misery. They are using the welfare system to rage a war on drugs. And instead of helping a person who needs help we remove their children. Make it difficult for them to see their kids. Cause irreversible trauma to the children who are ripped out of the only home they have ever known. Then u get to pay for drug tests and anger management classes. Go to NA or AA 3 times a week. The parents pay for tests and classes. The federal government pays the state for these services as well…seems like they make money from both sides. Our state desperately needs the money to run these courts. Has survived on it for too long. Although while pretending that they were looking out for the children’s best interest. When really this has been used as another way to control the people. Threatening the family is a good way to make us all comply right? Control us by controlling kids. But it wasn’t until recently that I see the full picture. I see the real reason beyond even the profit margin. FOSTER KIDS ARE MUCH EASIER TO ABUSE AND TRAFFIC. ONCE THE PARENTS ARE PUSHED OUT THEY CAN DO WHATEVER. Now its evident that Hiliary Clinton really reformed welfare bc the rich needed easier access to kids. And they wanted to destroy our families. so their scheme was quiet brilliant. Now what? If we really want what is best for the child then return every child. It is the least the government owes the people. We have allowed the states to remove kids then put them into dangerous situations where they have been sexually abused and trafficked. So we need to do the right thing now. Or soon the parents will be forced to use any means to restore their families. Especially when they wake up and realize what the true motivations for CPS was. I’ve been absolutely livid since I connected all the dots. We all should be livid.

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