The War Crimes Tribunal convenes!

                       INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The National assembly for the Government of The United States of America convened the War Crimes Tribunal. There is overwhelming evidence of domestic warfare against civilians that is being implemented by various agencies formed under the United Nations Charter as Constitution of the International Community working tirelessly towards genocide. LINK

The agents within the agencies have been told countless times as to whom they are working and many other aspects of their mission(s) and have repeatedly ignored the warnings. Indifference is intent and just following orders is not a defense.

The War Crimes Tribunal will be hearing various cases filed within it and all respondents will receive international due process and are presumed innocent until proven guilty. There are no religious, political or any other classification that will be considered as a defense by the War Crimes Tribunal nor will it recognize any form of immunity claims from the International Community.

The War Crimes Tribunal parameters are written within its founding documents. The War Crimes are not necessarily focused on murdering of civilians. There are many types of war crimes defined and can be classified as monetary warfare which equals domestic warfare and further are not necessarily focused on agencies. There are a lot of private organizations and NGO’s that are being considered.

The National assembly for the Government of The United States of America regrets having to convene the War Crimes Tribunal, however, sadly it is necessary at this point in time.


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