The Government of The United States of America issues a International Arrest Warrant for all ANTIFA Members!



Grounds for the International Complaint:

The grounds for this international complaint include but are not limited to acts of international terrorism perpetrated by ANTIFA organizations and members, known and unknown, as well as violations of numerous Articles within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The details of the warrant can be found here: LINK


3 Replies to “The Government of The United States of America issues a International Arrest Warrant for all ANTIFA Members!”

  1. Brian R Cannon

    Good example of the ‘common sense’ that I never hear of anymore. Man training me said ‘The job is 90% common sense and most people aint got none’. I agree.Breaking the fixation of the supposed authority after being raised to it and whose parents and grandparents were similarly indoctrinated is an enormous task. I suggest wal-mart and a customer who stopped in an open are, obviously brace yourself, ‘set the stage’ as it were, sing one or two lines of a favorite song having to do with ‘opened my eyes’, or ‘I was blind’ and then announce ‘’ and go on about your business. A few youtube uploads of timely camfone recordings might become the ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ of the century. Exposure is key. Maybe a video of an attempt to arrange payment in Continental dollars,

  2. David W Vanderryt

    Brian, after a very long night with a very sick woman…to wake up, get my coffee and read your post, First Thing!,…you helped me to; not only pull up my “boot Straps” and look forward to the day but, the lights from a lifetime of prayer; started to shine brightly within. I was “Blinded by the Light” and “Thunderstruck” with inspirations.

    • Brian R Cannon

      Awesome. Thanks for your kind words. I’ll keep my eyes open for new happenings from wal-mart! Prayers for your woman, sir, and all the best for you both today. As an aside, Years ago I heard of ‘setting your intent’ which is a good idea for exerting positive control and change, but I learned to set my intent for an MBO or most beneficial outcome for all parties involved. Occasionally something powerful happens and we’re able to turn someones’ (ours or anothers)day for the better! Hope your whole day just shines.

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