The National assembly re-values the Continental Dollar legal tender version!

                             PUBLISHED BY THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST ON 01-23-2018

                                                        INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The National assembly for the Government of The United States of America hereby re-values the Continental Dollar legal tender version to the following values:

One Continental Dollar for one troy ounce silver.
• 20 Continental Dollars to one ounce of gold.
• One Continental Dollar for one bit coin based on 16 million Continental Dollars in existence 
when bit coin has 16,366,275 BTC in existence.
• One Continental Dollar stamp equals one troy ounce silver.

Link to the Official Record: CLICK HERE!


4 Replies to “The National assembly re-values the Continental Dollar legal tender version!”

  1. meri

    ok, so where can we deposit continental dollars and receive equivalent exchange in silver? I am all fine for PMA model as to show separated from IMF, but where are the validated exchanges that will accept/trade for as agreed to by the above record?

    • admin

      Its a free market, you can exchange Continental Dollars for silver with whomever will accept the trade. Communists attempt to force trade and tell you where to trade etc.. A republic has a free market so the choice remains with the traders.

  2. Clinton

    Your avoiding the Question asked by Meri, she is simply asking where she can spend the continental dollars and your telling her anywhere they will be accepted but your not telling here where that is. Even in your own website everything is vender currency and NOT continental dollars for payment of transactions, so do you not take your own currency. How are people to do business if they have no Idea where to go and have the continental dollar accepted.

    • admin

      It is being worked on so you can hole six holster the guns. Before we answer your questions, who is she? Where is your letter of appointment to represent “She”? and why can’t you come forward not as a hero for she and appointed protector and ask the question(s)? The answer to anyones question is here:

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