North American National Party accuses Republicans and Democrats with sedition!


                                                   INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The Government of The United States of America has been announced internationally at the Hague and publicly, what it is and how it operates and the fact that it exists. This Government has issued countless Public Notices to offices and departments of the United States corporation and 48 U.S. states (illegal states within States). This Government has published in-depth analysis of United States claims of authority and have openly and internationally challenged those claims.

To date, no rebuttal to the claims have been recorded by either the Republicans or Democrats in anyway shape or manner for the last seven years. Not one! Further, there have been no objections brought by either the democratic or republican “political” parties, doing business as privately registered 527 companies, that cower under the flag of the East-India Trading Company. Basically the republicans and democrats accept and acknowledge the protection of a foreign power against Americans and the States of the Union.

But what the “political parties” have done is respond in private, against this Government, from within the dark closet, hiding from the light of truth, like a criminal in the shadows. Of course, should we expect anything different from a secret satanic society that usurps authority whenever and where ever it can. Both political party members make no objections in the view of the Public, however they are secretly, in various scenarios while interacting with American Nationals and residents, attempting to establish a political platform that the Government of The United States of America is a “fraud”, thereby parading a resident around in an airport in handcuffs, calling the passport a “fantasy” by members of homeland security and stole Government property. The passport was accepted not more than six months ago. Homeland Security was called the “U.S. Shipping Board” in the early 1920’s, in other words, its jurisdiction is over ships that are owned by the East India Trading Company which is the extent of its jurisdiction.

In another instance, both political parties stole an automobile in the U.S. state of Texas within the State of Texas. The automobile was properly removed from the rolls of the DMV in the State of Florida and that removal was fully recognized, yet the democrats and republicans stole the property of the North American National Party.

Another episode wherein the U.S. state of Massachusetts within the State of Massachusetts tried to place an American National into a psych ward attempting to establish a false record against the Government of The United States of America.

Another attempt was a resident of this Government, working for the federal elections commission, stated that the North American National Party was in need of registering with the commission as required by its articles of organization.

Another move by the republicans and democrats was when they blocked the PAM Fax account of the Government of The United States of America thereby stealing official records to attempt to hide the fact that they received them.

These incidents are meticulously planned and organized, over a long period of time, however a satanic pattern is being formed quietly and secretly by both satanic parties in order to be able to continue to usurp authority and lie to its constituency about its true character and origins.

Does anyone expect anything different from satanic 527 companies? NO! However, if the republicans and democrats were in fact legitimate, they would openly answer any and all challenges from any source, but they don’t, they hide and attempt to create a false international record against an innocent party. Those cowardly acts are now a part of a publication of record.

The standing of the Government of The United States of America and its credibility is not in question. It is now too late to object and the time has passed to object. This Government has placed and will continue to place its cards on the table. Anyone that has tried to discredit this Government has ended up joining it.

It is the United States and its pretend political parties, run by secret societies (you know them as shadow government) that suffer the credibility issue. It is they that propagandize the American society with lies and half-truths. It is they that do not promote Human Rights because they do not believe in human rights. They believe in slavery through satanic worship with an unholy alliance against the people. Its courts are more corrupt then ever and have not changed since its savior has been placed in the office of the ceo.

The days of unchallenged claims of authority made by secret societies have ended. The illusions have faded. The exploited members of the American secret society have awakened to reality.

The North American National Party will continue to expose the lies and deceptions of the republican and democratic parties, their continued cowardice, and continued abuse against the people. Continual human rights violations by the republican and democrats will be published, and will move to war crimes soon unless a true and lasting peace is pursued, however no one is holding their breath. Meanwhile, the North American National Party hereby condemns these aforementioned cowardly acts committed by both the republican and democratic parties against the North American National Party and its Government of The United States of America.