Stuart Andrews Ronaldson and Mark Eugene Moffett hereby announce their candidacy for the office of Governor and Deputy Governor for the Government of The United States of America!


Stuart Andrews Ronaldson and Mark Eugene Moffett announced their candidacy for the office of the Governor and Deputy Governor for the Government of The United States of America today!  COPY OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

Stuart has been serving as Governor for the past year and would like to continue serving as Governor after the up and coming National elections on December 1st, 2017. 

                                                              Announcement of’ Candidacy

 This communication serves to announce my candidacy to serve the office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America.

For those General Post Masters that do not know of me, I have served several offices within this Government. As such, I have had the unique opportunity to witness the operations of this Government from the perspective of a resident, General Post Master (GPM), Human Rights Defender, Judge, Chief Judge and Governor. I have assisted with conflict resolution, performed oath ceremonies, composed or edited both judicial and political papers, and I regularly volunteer when I feel I can be of assistance.

Some projects/initiatives while serving the GPMC include: Composed and issued almost 20 International complaints Established the office of Justice and Human Rights Established the Commissary and Trust Fund Department Adopted Elements of Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Established and managed GPMC website

Some projects/initiatives while serving the office of the Governor include: Established and manage Governor’s website Management of the Help Desk and Information Center Initiated and currently manage as an on-going project a contact database of United States offices including Governors, SOS’s, AGs, State police, Masonic Lodges, Sheriffs, and the BAR for notice distribution. Compiled and currently manage a people’s database known as the “Governor’s Network” currently in the range of 3,600 contacts.

Many of these projects required assistance from others. I offer acknowledgment and extend thanks to those that contributed their time and expertise to these projects. I take pride in the fact that these initiatives, completed at different times with different individuals, demonstrate an ability to work with others.
Introducing the Ticket I am excited and honored to announce, as part of my candidacy, that GPM Mark Moffett, has agreed to be a running mate to serve in the office of Deputy Governor.

The ticket then, is Stuart Andrews Ronaldson for office of the Governor, and Mark Eugene Moffett, for office of the Deputy Governor.

I met Mark a couple of years ago, not long after I began serving the General Post Master Council. For those that are unaware, Mark has regularly volunteered his time in direct support for the General Post Master Council. He has served as Minister of Finance for reign of the heavens.

Mark also provides notary presentment services. The administrative skills required to successfully perform those duties will serve him well in the role of Deputy Governor. During the spring of this year, Mark undertook a personal initiative of attempting to get the Continental Dollar into the United States banking system. Over several weeks, committing his personal time and finances, he visited numerous banks in hopes of realizing this goal. Although he was unsuccessful, I believe, this personal initiative reveals a deep rooted commitment to the betterment of this Government. To me, GPM Mark Moffett is an excellent choice as a running mate. I am confident he will serve the office of Deputy Governor with honor and integrity.

Upon Election If this ticket is elected, we shall regard our election as proof positive that the General Post Masters serving the Government of The United States of America have decided, and expressed that decision with their votes, that:

1) all GPMs wish to enhance the professional credibility and brand of this Government. We must strive for consistency of message and image. We must also ensure we do not promise more than we can deliver. And that what we deliver — be it a product, service or communication — is of quality and impact, not done to be done, or completed under artificial and arbitrary deadlines. It is important to present a professional and competent image to the world outside of this Government. But it is also important that General Post Masters, the people of this Government, feel their Government is organized and professional.

2) it is time now to turn inwards and commit to developing knowledge and professionalism among all office-holders to ensure offices throughout the Government are both competent and productive. We must bring to an end, as quickly as possible, to the intermingling of duties among offices. To accomplish this, we must enhance personnel and formalize duties, responsibilities and chain of authorities. To this end, if elected, we shall initiate job descriptions and chains of authority for National assembly approval. It is our belief, that defined duties and chains of authority will foster confidence among office-holders, office assistants and General Post Masters. But formality without quality personnel will produce less than desired results. This Government can no longer meekly accept office-holders that are unorganized or unmotivated. All GPMs have a duty to serve and protect this Government. It is time to fill offices with individuals that not only value their service to others, but will dedicate the time and energy to enhance their knowledge and increase their skills, so they may fulfill their duty to protect this Government, and by extension, their fellow General Post Masters, to the very best of their ability.

3) all protocols, procedures and habits that lead to arbitrary decisions, hurried initiatives
and rushed determinations must be identified and modified, or replaced.

A republic demands that all have an opportunity to participate. We acknowledge that GPMs that do not wish to participate, will, in the end, not participate. But this Government must ensure there is ample opportunity for those GPMs that wish to participate to receive and evaluate proposals addressing the current and future state of their Government and to voice any questions or concerns without fear of sharp reprisal or mockery. A republic is messy; there will be miss-communications, mistakes and disagreements. But protocols for conflict resolution are in place. A Government that serves all GPMs, must demand professional civility from all GPMs.

Many individuals fear change, though it is inevitable. However, when processes and protocols, when responsibilities and tasks, are carefully examined, with a critical eye for enhancement, then change should not be feared, but embraced.

And so, if elected, we shall strive to instill among all offices the spirit of cooperation as well as promote professional civility among all GPMs. We shall examine processes and ask critical questions to determine if efficiency can be improved. And we shall seek out motivated and skilled GPMs that can strengthen this Government.

Finally, we acknowledge that we do not see all perspectives nor possess all the answers. As a result, GPM Moffett and I invite all GPMs to contact us with thoughts and opinions relating to their Government.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and vote.