The Great Jury indicts the U.S. state of Arizona, a corporate front for the National Lawyers Guild, for multiple human rights violations and violations of the rights of the child!


                       INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

An indictment has been filed in the Human Rights Tribunal by the Great Jury against the U.S. state of Arizona and its Child Protective Services private membership association for more human rights violations and violations against the rights of the child than the human rights defenders have ever witnessed. The violations and war crimes seem to be endless.

There are more to come in similar and some of the same cases, but different parts of the same case dealing with the same privately owned corporations. LINK

It appears that the National Lawyers Guild LINK has managed to place front corporations into every State of the Union and have been assuming the mantle of government for all of the States of the Union for quite a while.

When it was discovered that all prosecutors offices and Sheriff offices were privately owned companies, it was only a matter of time before the responsible party was discovered. These private companies are all controlled by the National Lawyers Guild, a Bulwark of the Communist Party.

All of those aforementioned offices and many others in the form of agencies belong to the Communist Party and are not American at all. They are all front organizations, associations, corporations and other for the National Lawyers Guild.

The front companies are operated by people that have been compromised to a point that they have used their skills and talents to destroy rather than build and preserve. It is both a sad day and one of the best days in American History. The tables have truly turned on those that wish nothing but pain, torture, and destruction and now it has been established who, what, when, where and why.


If any declared resident or documented American National would like to serve on the Great Jury, please contact the office of the Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America here: