The Government of The United States of America holds Vatican City financially responsible for any and all damages caused by immigrants!



The monarch of Vatican City has been outspoken again about how other countries should abide by his opinions about immigration. Further, the monarch of Vatican City does not have any jurisdiction outside of the metes and bounds of Vatican City itself. However, it seems that the monarch of Vatican City has not read a copy of the Law of Nations. We are asking someone one Catholic please make sure that a copy of the Law of Nations is sent to Vatican City. LINK

The knowledge of the Law of Nations will help the Monarch understand the limitations of Vatican City once it was recognized as a sovereign nation. The laws of Vatican City need to be updated to reflect its status as a sovereign nation because it is still operating as a religion before it was recognized and therefore its actions taken by the Monarch have caused full financial responsibility once he attempts to dictate what other countries should do within their metes and bounds. LINK

The Monarch and his advisors are making decisions that reflect that none of them know what they are doing when it comes to running a country. They are simply destroying Vatican City that makes them treasonous against their own country. If Vatican City citizens were not so controlled, they would essentially have full rights under the Law of Nations to arrest everyone of them because of their financial destructive decisions.

Of course, the people making decisions in Vatican City will be offended by this International Public Notice because of ego and ignorance, however, the Government of The United States of America calls this International Public Notice, “tough love”.