The General Post Master Council amends the “Zero Tolerance Policy” to include exile!


Published on 02-23-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

Due to recent events in the State of Oregon wherein crimes of indifference have occurred in retaliation for exiling certain parties in the Carolyn Rousseau case, and further when people claim a Nationality bringing lots of baggage with them, the General Post Master Council amended its “Zero Tolerance Policy”.  Zero Tolerance Policy is just a title and not necessarily a policy, it is a specific rule and judicial procedure of the court itself. The term “Zero Tolerance Policy” was the name of the rule and judicial procedure for foreign communication purposes.   LINK

The human rights defenders received multiple conflicting reports of the death of Carolyn Rousseau. Every report was different coming from the State of Oregon.  The only conclusion at this time  is negligence at best.  One report came from someone that witnessed Carolyn’s death stated ” We let her pass” as if it were a justifiable and humane thing to do.  To this day, not one of the reports offered to let Carolyn’s husband visit her body to say goodbye before cremation.  Carolyn Rousseau’s death came two weeks after the exile judgment was published.  All of the exiled were democrats. 

One of the amendments are as follows:

IT IS HEREBY NOTICED that any attempt to publicly slander or otherwise demonize a documented American National,
Declared Resident, or General Post Master with the use of inflammatory labels including but not limited to “sovereign citizen”, “anti
-government” “anarchist”, “radical” and the like, will result in an immediate charge of attempted murder brought against the perpetrator(s) by the Government of The United States of America wherein their person shall be placed in EXILE within three days by Executive Order, and
This rule applies to all jurisdictions within the metes and bounds of The United States of America, foreign, domestic, or other. The office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America is ready and willing to sign any order against those people that do not respect the human rights of others. The exile order could also be applied to those that are immigrating from other countries. The American Nationals that have already claimed a Nationality with very little baggage have not been harassed and have been left alone. The Government of The United States of America inherited the Carolyn Rousseau case that started back in 2008. The Government of The United States of America is usually very tolerant of foreign torts and human rights violations, and further, take great pains in solving the problems diplomatically,  however, when there are people at war with humanity, toleration must take a back seat for the safety of those coming forward from the next generation.
Carolyn Rousseau’s death did not happen in vain.  Our prayers are with her husband where may he find peace.