The government of The Netherlands threatens President Trump!


Published on 01-25-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice


The government of the Netherlands made some very specific threats against President Trump on one of the Netherlands comedy television shows. The video bit seems harmless and funny, however there are some very sinister messages in the video that most people would miss unless they were familiar with the Dutch people and how they think.

First: Here is a quote that a parent would say about their child when they are getting ready to form a punishment on them:

“Because we realize it’s better for us to get along, we decided to introduce our tiny country to him. In a way that will probably appeal to him the most.”

Second: The only part of the President Trump speech that is quoted is: “America First”.

Third: The Netherlands “X’s out the Danish at minute 1:17 which is different from The Netherlands. 1:13 “All other languages failed”. 

Fourth: The Netherlands then X’s out the Germans on minute 1:21 kind of like a hit list so we can now trace the Muslim invasion into Germany back to The Netherlands.

Fifth: The Stars and Stripes painted on a trash barrel at minute 1:31 to 1:33 to let President Trump as a reminder who really claims and runs America. Notice that the message is on a trash barrel and wrapped in an amusement park where a sexual reference joke is made about beastiality. Further, it could be a reference to the crucifixion meaning we are going to crucify you if you keep going in this direction.

Sixth: Reference to the NATO symbol in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in minute 3:31 and reference to the oceans and claim they were built by The Netherlands around minute 1:50 meaning we have control of the seas through NATO.

Seventh: Minute 2:29, a miniature building that is very similar to the Jefferson Building and when you look to the left, a brick wall that looks similar to the Vietnam wall that would reference back to the war with the Spanish and the 80 year reference meaning we will fight you and you will never beat us.

Eighth: Minute 2:31, the lack of people at the inauguration which was not true however being pushed on the television networks in America. Who really controls the networks?

Ninth: Minute 2:34, the name Gerry Eickhoff is mentioned, however the only connection to that name that may be relevant would be this company that supplies the world power grid: Link ( scroll down to company description)

Tenth: Minute 2:44, The Netherlands claims responsibility for spreading fake “racist message” about President Trump.  This is considered terrorism and a threat of terrorism in the form of inciting.

Eleventh: Minute 2:55 made reference to disabled politician that being connected to mocking a disabled reporter, however could also be a reference to Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

Twelfth: Minute 3:02, reference to secret societies as a reminder of whom has the power and makes the decisions. Also, a keep your mouth shut reference with their hands over their mouths. Also making reference to possible Tax evasion threat against President Trump and his company. In other words, people know he has tax evasion issues or could make them up to frame President Trump. 

Thirteenth: Minute 3:23 makes reference to Great, Great, Great which makes reference to the three city state empire and the three star flag of Washington D.C. This means that the United States, (Manhattan Island) is supporting the three city state empire and that the three city states have a great dependency on the United States and The Netherlands. Further, this is  where in the video you will begin to see the flag similarities.

Fourteenth: Minute 3:27, If you screw NATO your going to make our problems great again. This is a threat that if President Trump stops supporting NATO, minute 3:37 shows all of the countries that The Netherlands controls and how many will turn against Donald Trump personally.

Fifteenth: Minute 3:45, same colors on the flags. Colors on flags mean as much as the style of the flag. Notice that The Netherlands flag are the same colors as the United States flag and the video image has Wall Street in the background. That message is a reminder from the King of the Netherlands as to who owns what, who has control, and don’t even think about stealing our company away from The Netherlands otherwise you will be attacked and the world will come against President Trump personally.

The message has been told for years that The Netherlands owns the United States and that the United States is on Manhattan Island. The United States and its constitution is nothing more than a franchise of the same company that owns all of the franchises in the NATO circle.

The name of the country is “The United States of America”, any other name is nothing more than a franchise of the same privately owned company.

There could be other hidden meanings within the message and this is the first time that is known that The Netherlands has ever done anything like this before. Further, this movement with the theme being to take the so called “Federal Government back” has never been done before which has forced the real owners to act. This video has also been referenced on CNN in an edited version.



Law of the flag: Flag, law of. In maritime law, the law of that nation or country whose flag is flown by a particular vessel. A shipowner who sends his vessel into a foreign port gives notice by his flag to all who enter into contracts with the master that he intends the law of that flag to regulate such contracts, and that they must either submit to its operation or not contract with him. end quote

Some references in this International Public Notice are speculative and some are extremely accurate. Do your own research.