Five people exiled in the State of Oregon for multiple human rights violations!


Published on 01-06-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

The  State of Oregon continues to have its troubles. The Human Rights Tribunal International heard a motion on the Carolyn Coyne Rousseau case. The tragedy has been going on for at least ten years with other victims as well by the same people. Delant Cory Palmerton is the victims husband and has been fighting to see his wife. The exiled that stole the power of attorney for the purpose of looting the victims estate has refused visitation from Carolyn’s own husband because he knows the facts. Further, Carolyn has been trying to write letters and get them out begging to be released from her prison but the exiled will not let her letters get past the guards. Yes, folks we are talking about a rest home for the elderly. 

The five exiled have been served and given ample time to answer to the accusations, however, Cory had every right to ask for their status to be taken for the purpose of protecting potential future victims from harm.  The exiled no longer have a country. The motion and declaration is here: LINK

The process for the Human Rights Tribunal International is fairly simple. The Human Rights Tribunal International declares as to whether or not human rights violations exist after all parties have been served. If declared, the case moves to the Treasury for damage assessment. Then the case moves to the office of the Governor for a Writ of Execution of the judgement and the damages in the form of a bill is sent to the ambassador for notice of a debt owed against the particular State where the crimes occurred. In this case it is the  State of Oregon that will have to pay for the damages. The victims receive almost all of the legal tender absent fees for the Tribunal to pay its bills. 

In the next publishing, the city of Center Hill is looking at some serious crimes against humanity because that case was heard also.