Open Letter to President Elect Donald J. Trump


Published on 11-09-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Dear President-Elect Donal J. Trump:

It is with pleasure I write this congratulatory message to you on your fine achievement of winning the 2016 Presidential Election.

Your energy and diligence is commendable. Congratulations!

There is no doubt, based upon the election results, the American public determined your campaign promises to be more compelling and your character to be superior to those of your opponent’s. Initiatives you put forth such as increased border restrictions, the U.S. withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership and North American Free Trade Agreement, the repeal of “Obamacare” as well as infrastructure spending and the roll-back of dictatorial and oppressive Executive Orders are not only compelling but necessary.

The Government of The United States of America looks forward to your implementation of these and other campaign promises. No doubt, the re-shaping of your company’s policies and practices to ensure human rights compliance will restore its reputation as a productive and trusted member of the international business community.

The Government of The United States of America offers its support and cooperation to you with its interest free legal tender and its financial expertise to give the United States a chance to get back on its feet and pay down its debt. The Government of The United States of America has first in time and first in right international status. We look forward to working with your administration.

Contact this office at

Again, congratulations.


office of the Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America,

Thomas Goudey