King Willem of the Netherlands rejects peace offer!


Published on 11-06-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

King Willem of the Netherlands was on linkedin for some time and had many royal connections. Our Governor connected to King Willem on linkedin and so did the office of the Post Master General.


A few days later, an offer of peace and reconciliation was sent to resolve some issues that would benefit this country and the Netherlands.  LINK

Right after that Peace and Reconciliation was sent. The King Willem account was completely removed from linkedin. The messages that were sent from that account were also removed. When all messages are removed, a move like that is very drastic to go to that trouble of removing all messages sent from that account.

Here is the issue, once a country moves towards peace and reconciliation, the receiving country has no choice but to go to peace. The receiving country can’t run and act like the offer never happened. Accepting peace and reconciliation is as permanent in the Law of Nations as breathing. The offer has to be accepted and acknowledged otherwise the whole receiving country is in dishonor.

Here is the question, why accept the connection in the first place and then completely disappear from the network? Many may say that the account was a fake, but the 275 connections to that account were all royals from around the world. It is pretty hard to fake that many accounts and never ask for money from the connections like someone running a scam.

We can only conclude at this time is that the Dutch Monarch has no interest in peace and reconciliation so maybe the rumors about the Dutch government are true.