The Republican and Democratic Parties are not National Parties!


Published on 07-31-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The North American National Party is a real National Party where the Democrats and Republicans are 527 organizations. Source link

This is a description of the 527 designation: Source link

Wherein it does read: “However, in common practice the term is usually applied only to such organizations that are not regulated under state or federal campaign finance laws because they do not “expressly advocate” for the election or defeat of a candidate or party.”

As a matter of fact, the Democratic Party decided it was time to claim its official logo in 2010 as a circle with a D in the middle of the circle. The Donkey was never its official symbol. Source Link ——- Online Link

Who wrote the IRS Code? Most people believe it was Congress and they would be correct as far as can be verified today: Source Link

Now we have to go to reality because what you see above as it pertains to the Democrats and Republicans is all fantasy. We can do this by asking a few simple questions.

1: If Congress wrote the IRS Code then which political parties wrote the IRS Code?

2. How can a political party place itself under its own code when in reality, the created can never be greater than the creator?

3: Why would a political party need to register anywhere when it was the political party that created everything after the General Post Office created the political party of any particular country?

4. How can a political party operate as private non-profit corporations and also claim to be National Public Parties at the same time and represent a National Government? Could this be the reason why Bell Said at the link above: “Bell wrote. “But over the past year, several members of Congress — including some taxwriters — and even a couple of courts have made reference to the nonexistent ‘IRS Code.’”

Summary: Possible answers to the four questions above;

1: Two private non-profit corporations wrote their own tax code.

2: The two private non-profit corporations gave themselves exemption status so they did not have to pay its own taxes to itself or to its own treasury.

3: Obviously, either the Democratic and Republican parties never existed as real National Parties or they ceased to operate as National Parties sometime between their creation and today.

4: The only National Party in existence today is the North American National Party because it represents a National Government. That would explain to folks that the only National Money in existence today is the Continental Dollar.

The members of the private non-profit corporations masquerading as National Political Parties are calling everyone outside of their private corporations anti-government and sovereign citizens; therby attempting to murder those same people that are sick and tired of the scam and simply want some form of National Government and some kind of law to have some kind of order in their own lives. It appears that some people are self projecting. 

In conclusion, a private non-profit corporation cannot write National laws, nor issue National Executive orders nor vote in Public Officers to Public Offices nor interact with the Public in anyway because all of its policies, laws and statutes exclusively apply to its members. The same conditions apply to all of the states.

It’s a good thing that the Government of The United States of America exists because if it did not, any real country or nation in the world could legally and by the law of nations come in and take over without any recourse to itself.

Your welcome!