Due to recent events, Governor Edmund Jerald (Jerry) Brown, Jr. and immediate family with the assistance of the Democratic Party commit hate crimes on friday!


Published on 07-23-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

In retaliation for last week in another human rights violation case within the State of California, Governor Edmund Jerald (Jerry) Brown, Jr. and immediate family commit the most heinous crime on earth. Hate Crimes carry with them a host of criminal penalties.

Troy Lynn Hill just happens to be black and was referred to as property on 12-26-2015 by some cops in the L.A.P.D. that it is believed that those cops were trying to tell the Human Rights Defenders what was going on in the City of Los Angeles. LINK

There was an update to the case when Troy Lynn Hill was released and it was thought that the case was settled: LINK

The charter investigation was sparked by those simple comments along with many other comments made to Human Rights Defenders along the same lines over a long period of time. LINK

Report from the office of the Deputy Governor for the Government of The United States of America:

American National Troy L Hill has been detained by the LAPD for 2 Misdemeanor warrants.
Bail set at 76,000 The Deputy Governor office received an anonymous call on 7/22/2016 from a corrections jail at 2:00am PST. About 12:00hrs later the Deputy Governor contacted the LAPD jail for the where about’s of one Troy Lynn Hill, spoke with a detention officer to confirm the above information of his detainment.”

Based on the reports in December of last year, Jerry and the Democratic Party know that the State of California does not have jurisdiction on any case in dealing with documented American Nationals. LINK

That did not matter to Jerry and his immediate family because, by their actions, they believe that black people are property and do not have the right to claim a Nationality.

Instead of correcting the problems they have within their state in dealing with human rights violations, the Democratic Party decides to do the petty thing which is retaliate to help Jerry and his family out of the attempted murder and a host of other human rights violations that the family has been committing since they have been in politics.

It appears that the Democratic Party is attempting to bring slavery back to America and their actions prove it. The Democratic Party is already pushing Sharia law everywhere in North America all the way up to their chosen candidates. Under Sharia Law, slavery is legal and therefore the Democratic Party has finally found a way to reverse freedom and equality for all Americans including but not limited to with holding a Nationality from people that are not white. The Democratic Party consistantly bring up race on a daily basis whether on television and in their political campaigns yet no one blinks when they do.

Troy Lynn Hill just happens to work as an assistant to the office of the registrar for the Government of The United States of America and a General Post Master. Jerry and his immediate family are interfering in inter-state commerce all the way down to the local level on two separate occasions. The family members know it and are purposely doing it to agitate the Government of The United States of America which qualifies these actions as inciting violence against The United States of America.