Carolyn Rousseau Case- Kidnapped and Estate Plundered by the State of Oregon, arrest warrant issued!


Published on 07-16-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The Carolyn Rousseau case is a sad one to say the least. The case was heard by the Human Rights Tribunal International last year and the Defenders experience with the parties involved was peculiar to say the least.

Governor Kate Brown was Secretary of State at the time the case was being served etc… The defenders could not understand why the case went cold and closed other than the blatant corruption from the State of Oregon all the way to the United Nations.

However, did anyone notice that Kate Brown went from Secretary of State to Governor? It appears that Kate did a little barter and used the Carolyn Rousseau case and about a hundred and fifty others just like Carolyn’s case to bargain for a higher office.

It appears that covering up human rights violations pays off if you don’t have a soul. We all know one thing, Kate can be bought and she has an amount. If anyone would like to control the State of Oregon, get a hold of Kate and see what she wants and provide it for her and bingo, you can control the State of Oregon and you can commit crimes in the State of Oregon anytime you want no matter how morbid the crime.

Imagine your grandmother needs some public assistance, when she receives help, someone declares her incompetent and grants Nancy Doty power of attorney. Nancy Doty uses the courts, (in particular Claudia Burtons courts) to sell her house and all of her estate with the help of Claudia Burton and Kate Brown and place your grandmother in a home. If anyone in the family protests, Nancy Doty will limit their visits to none with her power of attorney and the protesting party will be called a sovereign citizen which is attempted murder.  They all three bring in millions of dollars per year running this scam on the elderly and of course with the help of private membership associations that are recognized by the United Nations and work under its protection, it has become a International Human Trafficking crime. 

Can anyone imagine getting a letter like this from their grandmother: LINK 

Then your grandfather tries to fight for your grandmother and the court attempts to murder your grandfather profiling him as a sovereign citizen domestic terrorist and an abuser.

Here is the arrest warrant for all bonds, obligations etc.. in the case. The International  Tort Claim in this one mimics the last one but the details of the case start on page: 6 after “That being said”. LINK

There are 15 more cases coming forward. Stay tuned for the one in the State of Florida. There are two people that changed the charter of the town with no vote of the people and began to create obligations and bonds under the bogus charter. Guess what folks, they are led by a lawyer…There were two people that signed the charter in the whole town. The two people started to fill the offices themselves, and one might become mayor.