Human Rights Defenders Report #1 on Commercial Discrimination!


Published on 06-12-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

                                    INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

Ever since the article on “Monopolies through the systematic use of Commercial Discrimination in America!” LINK was published on the 9th of June 2016, the amount of hits on that subject were enormous. 

In this report, there have been a few investigations by the Human Rights Defenders still in the files, however, this one is of particular interest because it affects so many people that are in fear and therefore cannot see past the facade.

An American National has been harassed by the Minnesota Revenue Department for about five years before this particular American National claimed a Nationality. 

However, this is the first time that the Minnesota Revenue Department started making threats. Once an entity starts threatening, that means they are feeling vulnerable and using violence to hide the fear. 

The Human Rights Defenders did some checking and found some very disturbing evidence.

1: The Minnesota Revenue Department is not registered to do business in the State of Minnesota:

Untitled-4 copy


2: As noticed, the primary office is in Texas located here: Texas was checked for business registration and nothing. 

Untitled-1 copy

3: However, it does claim to have an office in the State of Minnesota  but it does not show up as being registered in the State of Minnesota:

Untitled-34: Most people would say that since it is a government agency then it would not have to be registered as a private business and therefore this report is junk. However, when the Government of The United States of America requested a .gov domain, it was told specifically that this Government was not a government in the U.S. and therefore could not be issued a .gov domain name. Then we looked at the domain name of the Minnesota Revenue Department and found it has a .US top level domain which is fairly easy to obtain by anyone. If it does not have a .gov domain, then it has nothing to do with State government.


5: So we asked the American National to send a payment in the form of a postal money order so the defenders could track where the money order was going and who cashed it for the purpose of seeing if the revenue was going to the State of Minnesota Treasury and guess what it said:

Untitled-7 copy

So the people will have to ask themselves a couple of questions:

A: Who has the power to run a company that is not registered anywhere and openly claims to have the authority of government?

B: Who has the power to make a postal money order completely disappear?

C: Why hasn’t anyone questioned this thing to find out what this thing is and why it is allowed to do business with consistent arbitrary intimidation and terroristic threatening?

D: Where do the funds go and what are they being used to accomplish?

E: Who gave it authority and why does it have a monopoly which exercises Commercial Discrimination on a daily basis?

The Human Rights Tribunal will wait for a international human rights complaint from the particular American National before proceeding forward. It is believed that the trustee for the Minnesota Bar Association has some explaining to do. This notice will be updated when an update is available.