Hillary Clinton does not qualify for president!


Published on 03-24-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Presented by the Government of The United States of America

Hillary Clinton (hereinafter “Hillary”) does not qualify to hold any office of a president due to the fact that Hillary has already served two consecutive terms in the aforementioned office. 

1: Hillary is married to William Jefferson Clinton.

2: Under the marriage contract, Hillary is the same as William Jefferson Clinton:

31“For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” end quote

3: In accordance with the contract (constitution), there was an amendment adopted wherein does it read:

Quote: The Twenty-second Amendment, adopted in 1951, prohibits anyone from ever being elected to the presidency for a third full term. end quote

4: Therefore, Hillary and William Jefferson Clinton are running for a third full term  of which neither of them have the authority to do in accordance with the contract.

5: For those that are anti-marriage and believe the woman is separate from the man regardless of vows etc. This next quote is for you…


Courtesy Library of Congress.

Unlike the President, the role of the First Lady is not addressed in the Constitution. Both the role of the Presidential spouse and the title have shifted and formalized over the history of the United States. The spouse of the President is not elected to serve and yet, because the White House is both the residence and the office of the President, public service is inherent to the role. Traditionally, the wife of the Presidents served as the hostess and was in charge of all things domestic; but that role has grown. Beyond defining the role of First Lady, even counting them is difficult as more women than just the spouses of the Presidents filled the role of White House Hostess, particularly in the 19th century. Widowers and bachelors and others would call upon surrogates to fill the role when a spouse was unavailable — a role that itself is a social surrogate for many of the ceremonial functions of the Presidency.

http://www.georgewbushlibrary.smu.edu/The-President-and-Family/Laura-W-Bush/The-First-Lady-and-Her-Role.aspx   end quote

6: Technically the first lady, the position that Hillary took in the White House for two terms is specifically connected to the presidency and therefore has already served for two terms in the White House in the same office Hillary is trying to take for a third full term. Since Hillary is still married to William Jefferson Clinton, technically William Jefferson Clinton is attempting to maneuver his way around the two term limit through his wife and therefore is openly defying the terms of the office in front of the whole world. 

7: It is common knowledge that the oligarchy has been playing musical chairs with various offices for the past 50 years and have been watching each others back in certain cases. However, it appears that someone miscalculated this move made by the Clinton family.

8: Any election won by Hillary cannot be honored.

9: Any other woman in the country that has been a permanent resident of the United States for a period of 14 years would qualify to hold the office of the presidency except Hillary Clinton.

10: Example: If a man works for a period of time and receives a pension after retirement, even if that man dies, the surviving wife will still receive the full benefits of the pension after the death of her husband because they are considered one in the same in the eyes of the law.

Presented by the Government of The United States of America