How to fund a Government without direct taxation!




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The resolution agreed upon by the committee for the Government of The United States of America was and is a simple resolution that is human rights compliant when it comes to the concept of direct taxation.

Governments have become enemies of their own people through the concept of direct taxation. The concept has caused many revolutions and downfalls of many governments over thousands of years. However, there is a resolution to the problem.

The problem of direct taxation has been resolved while at the same time funding all local, state and federal levels. Direct taxation has been the root of all human rights violations in America. 

The resolution is called “The Land of Milk and Honey Treaty of 2016”.

The Land of Milk and Honey comes from an ancient event back in the time of the Israelite’s and Yahweh. The term implies and expresses that the resources of the land possessed belonged to the people and was apportioned equally to each one of the people under their control. The natural resources were not intended to be controlled by a privileged few. 

The resolution is simple:

1: Accept and acknowledge that the people control the minerals of the land they possess.

 2: Properly regulate the producers and consumers.

The articles of the resolution are as follows with commentary in red lettering and presented in the form of a Treaty:

The Land of Milk and Honey Treaty of 2016


The Government of The United States of America, committed to the principle that all people should prosper from the minerals within the metes and bounds of their respective countries, hereby brings forth this agreement entitled “The Land of Milk and Honey Treaty of 2016”.

The Land of Milk and Honey Treaty has had long term implications that the control of the minerals within the metes and bounds of each country rests with its people. The Land of Milk and Honey Treaty is human right compliant in its entirety.

Convinced that the historic mission of the contracting parties is to offer to man a land of freedom and a favorable environment for the development of his personality and the realization of his just aspirations and Independent Human rights;

Conscious that the historic mission has already inspired numerous agreements, whose essential value lies in the desire of the people to live together in peace and through their mutual understanding and respect for the independence of each member, to provide for the betterment of all, its independence, equality and law;

Convinced that compacts by and between the people in Social Compact is an indispensable condition for the stability, peace and development of the these Articles;

Confident that the true significance of solidarity and good neighborliness can only mean the consolidation on this continent, of a Compact of individual freedom of thought and social compact based on respect for the unalienable rights of people;

Persuaded that its prosperity and its contribution to the progress of the prosperity of its neighbors and of the world will increasingly require intensive continental cooperation;

Resolved to persevere in the noble undertaking that the struggle has conferred upon the contracting parties, whose principles and purposes it solemnly affirms;

Article 1

Each contracting party shall repel any attempt of any third party to justify the invasion of the contract by and between the people and their government in violation of Article 21 section one of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) for the purpose of gaining unlawful control of the minerals without just compensation to the people thereof. Split titles to property shall be repelled.

Article 2

Each contracting party shall express the will of the people through its elections which forms its Government and its Sovereign Public Bank. The people contracted with their government through declaration, oath or affirmation or as otherwise provided shall retain the right as expressed within Article 21 section 1 of the UDHR.

Article 3

Each contracting party agrees to collect royalties on behalf of the people, through the terms as provided by the code that governs a certain license for the exclusive use, manufacturing, reforming, altering, or otherwise used exclusively by a private party for the purpose of producing goods for consumers. The royalties shall be apportioned equally among the elderly, and or otherwise qualified to receive Social Assistance in accordance with Article 22 of the UDHR.  

The royalties can be collected at the time the manufacturer sells the goods to the retailers under a percentage thereby avoiding direct contact with the people. If the IRS never has to collect taxes and starts collecting royalties on behalf of the people,the IRS is no longer considered a tyrant collection agency. The people would never see an IRS agent in their lifetime. The producers would deal with the IRS directly or through agents. The Government is funded  every time the consumer buys a product from a retailer which forces the politicians to do their job by creating jobs and market places. If revenue falls, the IRS confronts the politicians. The retailer does not spend time and resources collecting sales tax and looking for alternatives to paying employment taxes etc. The people do not spend most of their time avoiding direct taxes through overseas tax schemes. There is more money for the people to spend on products which creates more jobs and relieves the Social Security system of fraudulent claims. Mental stress is relieved because the royalties are apportioned equally among Social Security Administration accounts once the Government bills are paid and the people can request personal bills are paid out of their own royalty fund in Social Security. IRS agents are loved and supported and wipes out a million pages of incomprehensible IRS policies. Everyone wins and all social and funding issues between the people and Government are resolved. (the resolution goes in a hundred different directions at the same time in a positive light, too many to write in this article)

Article 4

The producers shall enjoy certain immunity under the license governed by the doctrine of codification to reduce the impairment of production to be determined by the contracting parties within their own spheres and governed by the UDHR or as otherwise provided for the purpose of protecting the producer from certain injustices against producers committed by consumers and their representation.

This makes it very attractive for producers to become producers and therefore creates jobs.

Article 5

The consumers shall enjoy certain protections from producers seeking to diminish their quality of life. The protections shall be funded by the collections of royalties and regulated by the contracting parties through Article 21, section 2 of the UDHR.

This gives the people a remedy that has standing against GMO’s and other harmful products on the market.

The Land of Milk and Honey Treaty wherein its subject matter was inspired by the covenant made by and between the Israelites and their God, the UDHR and having experienced the oppression that is within the ability of man and his thinking, is hereby established.

Ratification and Entry Into Force

The present Treaty shall remain open for signature to the American Nations, States and countries on the American Continent and the countries from the other six continents which shall be ratified in accordance with their respective constitutional procedures for proper recognition. The instrument of ratification as written in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French or other texts of which are equally authentic, shall be deposited with the USC Chamber of Commerce, which shall transmit certified copies thereof to the Governments for purposes of publication. The instruments of ratification shall be deposited with the President of the USC Chamber of Commerce, which shall notify all signatories of said deposit. Any deposit by any country on the seven continents shall serve as a gateway for open commerce and trade by and between each country that is a signatory and makes said deposit of an instrument of ratification.

Notice: If anyone finds an negative issue with this resolution, please comment below this article.