The Government of The United States of America introduces Human Rights Compliant Drivers Licenses!


Published on 01-10-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Dear Readers,

An article was published in the American Herald about Intangible Property Rights and how those rights are stolen without the knowledge of the license holderLINK

The article did not get many hits nor much attention on Face Book or twitter. It was one of those kind of articles that slip through the cracks. However, it did receive more reads on Linkedin.

The intangible property rights to the use of the public highways  for the purpose of vehicular travel as a matter of right is the basis of the security system in place around the world.  Most countries use the convention on road traffic to enforce their security system through identification which is usually through the domestic drivers license. That same system is being used by the world communist party as a matter of control over the lives of the people and a private contract with the party itself. Once the communist party gets involved with anything, human rights are going to be violated because of  its ideology. LINK

The answer is found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights wherein does it read on the first section of Article 13: LINK

Article 13

(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State.

The term used in the convention on road traffic is “traffic” which is more commercial and deals with entities.

The human rights issues came in when operators licenses were required on a domestic level. The requirement placed the people under the direct control of the World Communist Party agenda through statelessness which caused the people in elected offices to become puppets and traitors to their own country. This caused more credit to be borrowed which raised the interest rates to protect the people in office that were or are serving the World Communist Agenda and/or their puppet masters. The more credit borrowed, the more adhesion contracts were added to the original domestic drivers license agreement thereby causing more oppression on the people.

To codify means: to reduce (laws, rules, etc.) to a code. 1. To organize or arrange systematically, especially in writing. To turn (a common law requirement or practice) into law.

Codification is not necessarily a bad thing contrary to popular belief within various patriot groups.

The answer was to codify Article 13, section one of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is believed this approach has never been taken because a codification of the term “freedom of movement” has not been found. This does not mean that is does not exist, it means it has not been found.

That is, until now. LINK

There are two elements that qualify a proper codification. 1: Full disclosure, and 2: mutual respect and acknowledgment of the assets of both parties of the agreement. To ignore an asset in an agreement,  yet act on the asset in a concealed manner is theft by deception.

In the subject matter of domestic drivers licenses, the intangible property right of the people was ignored, and then acted on without acknowledging the asset in writing or verbally to the original holder of the intangible property. This tactic leads to a violation of a constitution meaning property was taken for no just compensation and therefore any act after the fact is a violation of multiple human rights. 

The Government of The United States of America decided not to take the communist party approach and codify the “freedom of movement” section with an open and full disclosure agreement with any affirmed American National, State resident, or American National within The United States of America absent any human rights violations.

Therefore, the convention on road traffic is fulfilled, the people have “just compensation” of limited liability, and the agreement is signed by the Grantor and is renewable every year if so desired to renew. This approach also relieves any burden of National Security because in order to qualify for signature, the National already has in possession the proper National ID Card or resident id card which is evidence of possession of the intangible property so Quit Claimed to the Department of Transportation for the Government of The United States of America.

This Freedom of Movement codification LINK also legitimizes the Government of said country with valid rights to territory so quit claimed to said Government by the people in possession of said intangible property rights.

A mere resident declaration LINK is required to qualify  for this new drivers license agreement that is completely voluntary on the part of the Grantor. Otherwise a resident id card is available. 

There are also two other contracts that people use everyday that have been cleaned up which is a quit claim deed and promissory note LINK. Please contact the to complete these contracts online.

They are completed online but information has to be added to each contract to complete the agreement (name etc..) including but not limited to the Freedom of Movement agreement.