Private Patents forced on the General Public by State officials?


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On the 16th of August, 2015, the American Herald introduced the new National Identification Card; LINK

The information that is in that article spelled out the racketeering going on within the 50 States of the Union and named some of the primary players. However, the story was just spelling out the facts and not the implications of the information imparted.

This article will serve as a second notice with a little more detail so those that are not really paying attention will know how much the American Herald article impacts their everyday lives.

1: When a State sells patented material for private companies as its agent, the State ceased to be a State and becomes a mere agent for a private enterprise.

2: When a State forces the patented material upon its residents as an agent for a private patent holder, it becomes racketeering and is in violation of international patent and trademarks laws.

3: When a State holds people in a private prison until they buy the patented material as agent for the private patent holder, this is called kidnapping and extortion. 

4: When a State creates a generic statute, then under the generic statute it privately brings in the patented material, then turns around and quotes the statute to:

A: Give the appearance of State authority.

B: Hide a crime under a State Trademark.

This is called felony concealment of a crime with the intent to kidnap and extort.

5: When a State engages in these tactics under the premise of National security, then the venue becomes International criminal law.

6: When a State allows this type of activity and enforces this type of activity on its people, then the act becomes insider trading on the stock market.  Every other State office holder within the 50 States of the Union does trade on the market with this kind of insider information on patents and which company will be assigned the patent. The forced sale under state statute reduces the State to a mere agent for the private companies.

7:  The Federal, State and local police have no idea that they are enforcing licenses on people that really fall under patent licenses, doing business as another type of license to hide the insider trading and black market from the general public. This type of deception convinces the aforementioned police that they are obeying the law; when in reality they are a part of a racketeering scheme committed by the parties mentioned within the American Herald publication.  Further, the same agencies are also involved in a human trafficking scheme on behalf of the private prisons put in place by a third party, unbeknownst to the agencies.

There was a story on July 7th, 2015; LINK

This comment was on facebook about the article:

“This is a shake your head moment. Folks, there never was a hack into any computer database. The real story is that the central bank made a payment to China. Since people are assets in the corporate world, the assets were sent to China as payment. This is simply how these boys operate. No federal employee will ever believe any of this article. No matter what any one says or does, there is no way the federal employee would EVER believe that they were used as a payment to pay on Chinese bonds.”  

One day the police will finally believe that the people that have their back are not the ones they blindly follow and take orders from on a daily basis. Hello? Hello? Private server while in office with access to all federal employee records?  Hello……., Hello……….?  Anyone out there???

 8: The people involved in this private patent racketeering scheme will continue to believe that they are fully immune from prosecution. They will boast and laugh at the little people that believe they can have justice. They will believe it so much that it will sound convincing to the highest people in office, to convince them that to act will ruin their career and threaten their pensions. For this reason, their assistance will not be required after the third notice.

9: When other countries continue to honor the private patents on documents issued by the States through the federal zone, it involves themselves in a racketeering scheme. 

The United States of America has not invaded one country, it has not committed any acts of aggression, it has not violated one law in the law of nations. It has not committed any acts of genocide against the Native American Indians, not one act of aggression against Islam, Iraq, nor Vietnam. It did not do any of those things. Countries need to do a little more investigation to clear their vision on whom is really responsible for all of the aforementioned criminal activity.


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