Warning: Watch out for “American National People of the Creator!


Published on 05-31-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


One of the group members calling themselves the “American National People of the Creator” came to The United States of America for some help on an unrelated issue. Upon further investigation, it appeared that the individual that was requesting the help was also violating human rights.  So obviously, The Human Rights Tribunal could not assist and the individual that was being attacked never contacted the Human Rights Defenders to file a complaint.

Upon further investigation it appears that the aforementioned group members went to the document authentication office in the U.S. and had John Kerry sign the authentication documents through the document authentication office. LINK

The assembly for the Government of The United States of America did try to help some of their members obtain a Nationality. Unbeknown to the committee was that their group members were learning as much as they could from the committee to help themselves to the information to further their own cause. The information stolen also included the colors of the flag of The United States of America. For some reason the members of this group thought they could help themselves to anything they wanted from the committee genuinely trying to help their members go in a different direction.

The reason for the different direction was because the founding members of the group add the words “el bey”, and or just “bey” at the end of their names. The origins of that name change comes from the claim of being a Moorish American.

“The Moors were the medieval Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, Iberian Peninsula, Sicily, and Malta.”  LINK

There are many people claiming to be a Moorish American, the most disturbing thing about this particular group is the fact that they are using Christian symbols under a “international flag of peace” but never revealing that they are Muslim under Islam. Their website is a salad bar of different terms stolen from many different websites and claiming to be Americans. There is an oath that is required to join, however, it never reveals to its members that they are taking an oath to Islam under the Muslim religion.

The Government of The United States of America cannot and have not recognized this particular groups claim to be American Nationals, mainly because none of them followed the proper steps, and the group members are not American Nationals, they are Islam according to their own documents. The Human Rights Defenders have found some of the same types of documents from 2010. LINK

It is no surprise that Hillary Clinton or John Kerry are helping Islam, however, the sad part is that the people falling for this scam think they are becoming free when in reality they have enslaved themselves even further.

WARNING to the States: If any of this particular groups ID’S and other credentials are seen, they are not authentic because of the underlying cause pushing and funding this particular group. Not accepting the credentials would be doing some of the members of this group a favor because it is not clear as to whether or not that the group members did the proper research about the organization they took an oath to and the fact that all of them that took the oath have declared exile from The United States of America. This type of recruitment is called human trafficking and places the victim in an extreme legal predicament.

Further, every time this particular Government of The United States of America does anything, it ends up on their website within two weeks in a similar form . Like it was stated above, the group is full of thieves and basically after the quick dollar which ultimately funds Islam against America. 

When the Government of The United States of America objects to a particular organization existing within its metes and bounds, it is not because there is malicious intent to destroy their cause. It is mainly for the reasons stated above and for their benefit. Many groups have good intentions, however, they lack  understanding and therefore fall into International traps set by International groups that appear to have their best interests at heart. In reality, the International organizations that set these traps operate in a realm of understanding that is way over the heads of these small groups. These small group members are so convinced that they are being helped, they will demonize those attempting to keep them out of the ditch and declare war against their own country without even knowing it.

Further, these small groups are so busy stealing their way to freedom, they are not paying attention. Retired 4-Star U.S. Navy Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons made an announcement at the link below. The Government of The United States of America have already caught Islam taking advantage of the conflicts within the country by attempting to divert attention away from their sinister cause and point it towards the “sovereign citizen domestic terrorist” that was made up by various International Organizations.  Wake up folks, the real American Nationals have this countries back so stop stealing from it, join it and support it.