Open Letter to Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands


Published on 05-27-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

Dear Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands,

The American Nationals for The United States of America are writing this open letter to you, Willem-Alexander, to resolve some major problems your country is causing against The United States of America and its Government wherein you, Willem-Alexander are being personally held responsible and your family.

The following is a report from a Human Rights Agent on a case in the State of Maryland dealing with a clear human trafficking case in the matter of Richard Rexford Reinheimer (hereinafter “Richard”). REPORT LINK

What is Human Trafficking?

Article 3, paragraph (a) of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons defines Trafficking in Persons as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs.

Today, just after the aforementioned report reached the Sheriff’s office by Notorial Presentment, a one Mr. Hewitt 18800 Roxbury Rd Hagerstown, MD 21746
MCTC-Hill-HED = Maryland Correction Training Center (the “Hill-HED” is a branch or building) who happens to be a case manager confronted Richard about his status as a NON-CITIZEN, NON-RESIDENT ALIEN TO THE U.S. OF AMERICA and attempted to force Richard to claim a U.S. citizen/resident status meaning one of your subjects, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

Why now after a couple of months of being trafficked and working in a labor camp? If the State of Maryland was correct in his status in the first place, why bring it up now just after the report was internationally served? The answer is simple, your subjects, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands trafficked a foreign National with intent to be under forced labor in a private labor camp under your rule, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, and attempting to hide the International Crime.

The American Nationals have been watching time and time again, your subjects break International law and cover it up, over and over and over. The reason is because your subjects, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, do not know they are your subjects because your family, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands do not have the guts to tell the U.S. citizens that they are subjects of your family,Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

The American Nationals do know that Barack Hussein Obama did try to get away from your clutches by bowing to a Saudi King, however, the Saudi’s did not want anything to do with the liability you, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, have caused and removed their Saudi Prince from Washington D.C. 

The liabilities include but not limited to:

1: The Jewish Holocaust evidenced by dumping 50,000 Nazis on American soil and having your colony, Manhattan Island hide them for years from prosecution for war crimes.

2: The Vietnam War,

3: The Korean War,

4: The Iraq War,

5: The Afghanistan War,

6: Your family failed to tell the people on American Soil that they could have been free under the international entity “The United States of America” for the last 240 years. Instead, your family decided to enslave, rape, pillage, and today, incarcerate innocent people for green pieces of paper to make products for your companies, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands,

Therefore, you, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, are going to have to deal with all of your sins and the sins of your family with the Most High in the heavens, that fact is for sure, however, while this scam against America is on going, it is the Government of The United States of America you are going to have to contend with and the reign of the heavens.

First of all, the American Nationals know that the International Criminal Court at the Hague is rigged, that fact is obvious. (the Libya issue was obvious) The Human Rights Tribunal in America is not rigged at all.

There was one prosecutor in North Carolina that knew and told an American National that he could not convict or incarcerated an American National with the Government of The United States of America, otherwise face Human Rights Violations. In Illinois, the same thing. However, the American Nationals are having to train your subjects in other jurisdictions and venues at the Governments expense which is getting costly because of your lie. This simple lie using the Sun Tsu Doctrine is causing major International liabilities. It also does not help that Manhattan Island is lying on a daily basis with its false records. There is no need to try to cover up the Manhattan Island issue, it has already been verified in South America to one of our American Nationals face to face and many other places. Your structure and lie has already been exposed and it is too late so you need to be honest with the American people and the Dutch prosecutors and those working for the Dutch Company that think they have an independent country.

You, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands need to tell the truth in the near future because your subjects are causing multiple human rights violations which will be charged against your Kingdom to pay the bill by The Human Rights Tribunal. These human rights violations are happening on a daily basis. Honesty is your best policy right now and repentance is the goal of the day before the rest of the world knows that you have been hiding the truth which will make it worse for your family,Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and the Dutch people.

Warning: If the bill is not paid, if the violations of human rights are not stopped,  the U.S. citizens are not told the truth, and the affirmed American Nationals are not left alone, the Ministers of the Reign of the Heavens Society Temple will have no choice but to remove you, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, and the whole family blood line from the reign of the heavens rolls because these sins and crimes have reached the heavens. No more lies and oppression will be tolerated. Grow up, be a man and tell the truth and accept liability for the International Crimes, your personal NWO is not going to happen, that ship has sailed and that time and opportunity has passed. Just ask the 133 countries that are tired of your companies schemes and your daily ceremony of honoring yourself and your family at the expense of the whole world. 

If you, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands the Dutch people and your subjects in the U.S. start showing a little respect towards the American Nationals and the reign of the heavens, you, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and the Dutch people will start receiving some respect, otherwise, get use to being talked at in the foregoing manner.







The Office of the Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America,

Tom Goudey

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