American National, Richard Rexford Reinheimer vs. citizens of the State of Maryland


Published on 05-21-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


The agent for Richard Rexford Reinheimer (Richard) has completed his report on the case involving some human rights violations committed against Richard.  Most originally thought that Richard was causing the issues, however, looking at the facts paints a completely different picture. The case is being sent to the State of Maryland to possibly come to a peaceful settlement of a dispute. The report does not reflect very well on the citizens of the State of Maryland.  Everything written in the report is based on fact. American Nationals are harder on themselves and their own then anyone else could ever be,  therefore the Human Rights Tribunal will hear the case 30 to 35 days from tomorrow. The case is being handled in accordance to all that is required for international due process. This newspaper will keep the International Community and the General Public up to date as to the sequence of events that will lead to peace by and between the American Nationals and the citizens of the State of Maryland.