The New American describes Eleanor Roosevelt as Godless through the UDHR!



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There is a publishing by “The New American”    re posted by infowars, website that is claiming that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights belongs to the United Nations:

Quote: “Under the UN’s version of “human rights,” however, “rights” are purportedly defined and granted to people by governments, dictators, treaties, and international organizations. Even more troubling, perhaps, is that they can be restricted or abolished by government at will under virtually any pretext, as the UN’s own “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” openly admits. Consider Article 29 of the declaration, which claims that the pseudo-rights can be limited “by law” under the guise of everything from “public order” to “the general welfare.” end quote.

The aforementioned quote is a fabrication and no where near the truth.  The truth about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written by a genius that knew what was happening in America and was fighting to stop it.  Let’s explain:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR): Adopted by the general assembly on December 10, 1948. Primary UN document establishing human rights standards and norms. All member states have agreed to uphold the UDHR. Although the declaration was intended to be Nonbinding, through time its various provisions have become so respected by States that it can now be said to be Customary International Law.

Customary International Law: Law that becomes binding on states although it is not written, but rather adhered to out of custom; when enough states have begun to behave as though something is law, it becomes law “by use”; this is one of the main sources of international law.

Now lets go to the 14th amendment of the private company called the United States of America, an admitted religious organization and surveyed by The New American as a religious  organization calling itself government, however acting as a safe haven for human rights violators.

Religious Non-Profit

Now lets visit the private companies 14th amendment to its corporate charter:

Go to the text of the 14th amendment:

1: The word “government” is never used.

2: The private company formed a private membership association claiming immunity from all laws of any Government of the States making the States the enemy of civil and political rights.

3: It uses the wording “male inhabitant”, the same wording in the original Articles of Confederation of 1781.

4: Persons born in the United States also means associations, corporations, individuals, 

quote: For example, the US Code defines “person” as follows (at Title 1, Chapter 1, ¶1):

“The words person … include(s) corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies, as well as individuals.” end quote


noun autonomous being, being, body, character, distinct indivisible entity, human being, integer, monad, monas, one, organism, particular one, party, person, person full of character, personage, personality
Associated concepts: individual capacity, individual liability, individual property, individual rights

The writers of the 14th amendment had to place the term ‘Individual” in the amendment because individual also means human being. A human being has the right to contract into a private association. A private association has specific immunities through contract unless the contract has within it or the members have and are committing nefarious acts.  The 15th US statute at large on 27th of July, 1868, one day before the 14th amendment was passed to give the  inhabitants the right  to chose on whether they became subjects of the private membership association by acquiescence.  Acquiescence means that you have not claimed your right as a State Citizen or National as one of the United States of The United States of America or The United States of America itself. However, the United States of America private membership association is filled with human traffickers and private membership associations committing other nefarious acts and therefore it is difficult to make the law operate as it should. 


adjective abominable, arrant, bad, base, confounded, contemptible, corrupt, criminal, degenerate, deplorable, depraved, despicable, detestable, devilish, discreditable, disgraceful, dishonorable, dissolute, dreadful, evil, execrable, felonious, flagitious, flagrant, foul, gross, hateful, heinous, horrible, ignoble, immoral, impious, improper, indecent, infamous, infernal, iniquitous, miscreant, monstrous, obnoxious, odious, outrageous, peccant, pernicious, profligate, reprehensible, reprobate, scandalous, shameful, sinful, sinister, terrible, treacherous, unrighteous, vile, villainous, wicked, wrong

Eleanor Roosevelt knew that the Nazi’s started a private membership association within the German Government (the third Reich and Gestapo) which protected Adolph Hitler from crimes against humanity with torture, and other wicked acts through the religion of science. The German Government was helpless to stop the private membership association due to its immunities by private contract. She also knew that the United States of America had formed a private membership association from its private company formed in 1787 within The United States of America, and therefore had to be stopped. Further, the American Bar Association also described the United States of America as a foreign government making it a government within a Government, therefore “illegal”. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, now customary international law is the only document that has the legal wording needed to remove the immunity of private membership associations committing nefarious acts against other human beings, like the private prison system involved in buying and selling human beings classified as detainees by the private membership association.  Customary law is just as legitimate as any other form of law and therefore enforceable against human rights violators.

The New American describes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as belonging to the United Nations. That is a false statement:  “The United Nations is neither a State nor a Government, and therefore does not possess any authority to recognize either a State or a Government. ” LINK       Source: Second Paragraph

The rest of the  article by The New American is fairly accurate. There are UN organizations that are using the UDHR as a political weapon against countries not in the best interest of the world as a whole. However, stop the human trafficking in the U.S. and stop protecting  the human traffickers by accepting their political handouts and maybe the private membership association won’t have to publish political ads using God in their arguments. 

Here is another organization claiming the United Nations has its own laws which does need to be addressed:

ACIJ Badge ID Case SAMPLEThese private non-government NGO’S are the real problem using the United Nations as it was never intended thereby making the United Nations liable for Human Rights Violations.