Update report in the matter of Dutch Earl Thompson.


Published on 12-13-2014 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

Dear Readers,

IN the matter of Dutch Earl Thompson, he was released from detention on 12-11-2014, about 48 hours later. However, The United States of America vs. the  State of Tennessee is still pending because technically an American National was trafficked.

On another note, the larger mistake that the State of Tennessee made was they trafficked a Human Rights Defender that heard some interesting stories while being detained. The report is in the form of a question and answer format.

The information in the report has not been proven yet. Everyone should give the State of Tennessee the benefit of the doubt. If 10% of the information in the report is true, the State of Tennessee will have some problems to contend with because the detention center is being operated surprisingly, similar to the detention center in Guantanamo Bay.  The report about the CIA is being sifted through now by the Human Rights Defenders.

Let the people come forward to confirm the report available at the link below, the Human Rights Tribunal is very interested in hearing some more about the activities of the State of Tennessee and other detention centers that are open all around the country.  Keep in mind that they are no longer called jails, they are called “detention centers”.

If anyone can send an affidavit on what they have witnessed while being detained in any detention center, please send, in writing what they have witnessed. The source will be held confidential if the source does not want to be disclosed.

Warning: The Human Rights Defenders can detect a political story as opposed to a truthful one meaning an embellished story aimed at destroying an organization politically for their own political gain.

Send reports to: defenders@humanrightsdefenders.international

Notice: This is just a report, it has not been verified as being fact, however, even if one part of it is verified, there are some major human rights violations going on in the State of Tennessee. The questions were towards the Human Rights Defender and the Human Rights Defender answered them. There has been no response from the State of Tennessee as of current.

12 13-2014

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