Hypocrisy finally exposed to the World!



Published on 12-11-2014 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

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We have a small notice to put out before the report. Notice: The websites have been receiving so many hits that some of the sites are going down and coming back up anywhere between 3 minutes and 27 minutes. So if you are trying to find a site and it does not come up, please try again in a few minutes.

Hypocrisy finally exposed to the World!

There is a story out and we are sure that most have seen or heard about the report on Human Rights Violations by the CIA etc.. Well, at least the truth is coming out. The U.S. is suffering a backlash from the rest of the world that is well deserved. SOURCE:

Russia Denounces U.S. Over C.I.A. Torture Report

Of course, this is just the tip of the ice burg. Some very good people from around the world are coming forward and trying to get things done to free everyone from tyranny like this from the U.S. and many more countries. Your complaints and evidence posted on your blogs and websites have been helping because the complaints and evidence are matching the stats taken on how many people are in jail that are not supposed to be there, how many children are taken each day, the legal status of people in America and how two sets of books are being implemented to hide the facts and the truth from the rest of the world. Keep it up folks, the rest of the world is listening and the people here have their full attention. Please make sure the evidence and facts are straight and correct. Please do not embellish or exaggerate the truth, just the facts. You do not have to bring up constitutional rights and all of that, that constitution was gone a long time ago and the rest of the world knows it. All of this garbage that someone is not with allegiance to the U.S. for exposing the Human Rights Violations is nothing more than guilt induced hog wash to protect the guilty. Then the guilty can abuse the people when no one is looking. It is a cowards/abusers way to run an organization. It is really that simple, an abuser will only abuse when no one is looking and it does happen in large organizations especially if the abuser has enough resources to hide the abuse. The report speaks for itself and please spread the word. Believe it, everything is being watched and recorded all the way down to the local level.