In the matter of Eric Garner


Published on 12-05-2014 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

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The Human Rights Tribunal heard a case filed by the Human Rights Defenders in the matter of Eric Garner. The Human Rights Defenders said “that they could not witness a Public Execution and outright murder under any circumstances without doing something about it”.

Whatever the issues that the New York City Police are having that rises to the level of out right violence needs to be addressed quickly. There is something seriously wrong in New York City and the Human Rights Defenders have stepped up and filed a Human Rights case against “Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association with New Jerusalem and its symbols”. The Human Rights Defenders do not expect most people to understand why New Jerusalem is in the case, however, on an International level, the entity does have a direct relation to the Eric Garner Public Execution.

All symbols of the police and States were so-called blessed by New Jerusalem, the man made spiritual heaven on earth (entity) created by the Council of Nicaea based in the City of London. LINK

This man made entity is responsible because it is “it’s” blessing that has so-called blessed all uniforms, gavels, robes, crosses, holy water, badges etc.., everything anyone can think of, the man made New Jerusalem has blessed it. That means that everything that happens, it is responsible.  If it wanted the power of attorney for the Most High, then it can’t have it both ways, all the power and authority and no liability. Natural law does not work that way.

Hopefully, New Yerushalayim, connected to the reign of the heavens will be recognized by those that have a true, unconditional love for the Most High in Heaven. There are some very good people in the world that have been deceived to the point of spilling blood on the ground in the name of God.  Those good men have a chance to redeem themselves now, now is their chance.  May the Most High accept Eric Garner into his bosom and bless his family while on earth. May peace reign over The United States of America.

Judgment and Order-Eric Garner



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