Human Trafficking in America!


Published in 11-30-2014 by  THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

The people on North America have had a lot of complaints about the taxation system in the U.S. city-state. There is a good reason for the complaints, however, the people have failed to state a claim where relief can be granted. Lets explain:

There is a very good article on the internet about London’s Mayor having to pay a capital gains tax. LINK!  

In the article, it has a statement:  “American citizenship carries with it a uniquely vexing taxation problem. The United States is one of only two countries where taxation is based on citizenship rather than residence (Eritrea is the other). If Johnson lived in the United States, for instance, he would not have to file a British tax return.”  Further it reads: “The unusual U.S. policy dates back to the Civil War and the Revenue Act of 1862, which called for the taxing of American citizens abroad, in part to punish men who fled the country to avoid joining the Union army.”   (This municipal city-state act was a violation of the Law of Nations and still is today, not to mention International law.)

It has been found that Birth Right Citizenship is also child trafficking and ultimately Human Trafficking under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights because of the technical aspects of the so called: “Birth Right”.  LINK! 

Now, therefore, every time a tax is imposed on an individual based on citizenship and not on residence at the time, it is Human Trafficking. This is also the reason for never settling the civil war, to keep the Revenue Act of 1862 alive and well. However, today would be a good day to settle the issue whereas everyone being taxed based on citizenship is really more evidence of Human Trafficking. It would behoove those involved to change some policies to taxation based on residence and not citizenship otherwise face some not so pleasant charges of Child and Human Trafficking which is devastating on a resume for future or current employment. Human and child trafficking are serious crimes in this world. The expats in the world could really use this information to give them some peace.

The problem has been so wide spread, that offshore banks won’t do business with U.S. citizens for fear of being harassed and ultimately being a party to Human Trafficking. The Human Trafficking facts of U.S. citizens are well know in other countries and the reason why expats are so welcomed in other countries. Welcoming expats is basically a humanitarian cause implemented for U.S. citizens and those countries do their best to fight the trafficking issues with offering offshore tax havens to U.S. citizens and resident programs.

For fear of being attacked, most other countries will not mention the trafficking issue, they place this disclaimer in all of their articles: ” There are significant upsides to being a U.S. citizen, of course, ”

But that disclaimer is placed there after the staggering numbers are posted on how many people are leaving the U.S. city-state: “Johnson does have the option of giving up his citizenship. If he did so, he would be joining a growing number of Americans: Last year 2,999 people renounced their American citizenship or green card status, the largest number ever revealed by the U.S. government, and its thought that number may end up being higher this year. The United States recently increased the administrative fee for renouncing one’s citizenship from $450 to $2,350, in what is unlikely to be a coincidence.” 

There it is folks, whether you like it or not, these are the facts to the conflict and the remedy to resolve the conflict.  Claiming a Nationality within The United States of America is also an alternative.