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The Human Rights Tribunal heard a very disturbing case of elderly fleecing of assets by a very disturbing group of individuals connected all the way to UNDESA of the United Nations.

Most of the evidence is posted here: absent the private court proceedings video from 2010. The video files are too large to post on this site.

Apparently the evidence is pretty clear that there is a group of people going around the country looking for the elderly population that have large homes that are paid off and auctioning the homes to pay for guardian and foster care services.  All of the human rights violations are done by private membership associations. In this particular case, the attorney asking the questions in the court room and basically running the court is a member of the same association as the appointed guardian in the Carolyn Rousseau case.

The defense attorney is seen looking through a magazine and basically without any questions for anyone.  Take a look at the judgment and order and you can decide whether or not you have to think about protecting your mother and fathers assets before these people get a hold them.


Judgement and Order

THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST will keep our readers updated on the outcome of this particular case.


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