Published on 10-07-2014 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Dear Readers,

THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST has been tasked with attempting to explain the seriousness of the situation in America. The only way to accomplish this task is to go one step at a time.

1: A baby is born in a country.

2: At the age of 18 the young man or woman is a resident of the country of birth.

3: At the age of 21, the young man or woman chooses to remain a resident forfeiting a political vote or takes an oath or affirmation to his or her country thereby claiming a nationality and a vote.

4: Once an oath or affirmation of allegiance or fidelity has been taken, that national must remain true to his or her constitution that was inherited.

5: The young man or woman has children, and the inheritance moves to the next generation.

6: In a democracy, a republic or a confederacy, any changes to the constitution must be done by convention, assembly, or a vote of the representatives after a vote of the people.

7: If the representative tries to change one word of a constitution without a vote from the people, the representative has committed “High Treason” against the country’s constitution.

8: People do have the right to exile and proclaim the existence of new States without committing treason, that is how the fifty States were created over a two hundred year period.

Here is where the problems start:

1: The representatives have voted a new constitution in without a vote of the people and started convening under that constitution called the Constitution for the Newstates of America.

2: When that happened, those representatives declared exile and proclaimed the existence of a new country without the knowledge of the people thereby exiling the people by continuing to represent them in the new country and under the new constitution. See “Governors Conference”.

3: The people believe the Bill of Rights are still being enforced which is simply not true, don’t believe it? Go to a Metro-court and find out for yourself.

4: The American Nationals went back to the original country and remain there under oath or affirmation thereby claiming original Nationality.

Here is the dilemma:

1: What do the original American Nationals do with those that committed High Treason against the United States by changing and deleting its form of Government under the same name and not notifying the people of the new name?

Answer: Accept and acknowledge their political decision to exile and proclaim the existence of their new Government, however, also accept and acknowledge their deportation.

The land does not belong to the Newstates of America, the United Nations, the Netherlands, the International Monetary fund nor the World Bank just as it did not belong to the United States, it belongs to the people, therefore to accept and acknowledge the deportation of those that declared exile to the Newstates of America is proper for it has no territory.

If those that exile to the Newstates of America or any other entity want to go and find new territory, that is their right, however, they cannot change the name of the country, declare exile and secretly proclaim it in the name of the people, then act like nothing happened under a new leader that no one has ever seen or new laws that no one understands, that is high treason.

Personal level:

This is what happens when you give your power of attorney to a representative.
That representative can give you and your country over to a foreign power without your knowledge which is what has happened in America

The representative can also exile you and leave you in limbo, stateless, and without a country or nationality and never tell you that is what happened because that representative can claim you said it through power of attorney.

Further, that representative can hold you responsible for any debt that they choose under any law unless that representative declares exile and proclaims the existence of a new country and never tells anyone about it. The people are no longer responsible for any debt because the rules of the original country come back into play. No taxation without representation.

Basically, the United States, by law, is without leaders, no representatives, they all left to join various international organizations and declared exile.

That means that the Military is in charge of the United States until they can get a Government back in place. The United States has been in the hands of the Military since 1999. It was abandoned by Bill Clinton.

This also means that the current American Nationals with the original Government and the Military are at a standstill because the Military wants the constitution of the United States and the American Nationals have their own Articles of Confederation and neither wants to budge.

Technically, the Government of The United States of America is the only Government in existence; the Military have delusions of Grandeur of being a world Military which is impossible regardless of technology. Many have tried and many have failed throughout history even with the same technology that the Military has today. This is not the first time that airplanes have been created.

The American Nationals have given the U.S. citizens the State of New Columbia and are sure that Metro is doing its best to stop that State from being properly populated by doing its best to hide that information.

The Military does not want to come to the table and work something out for reasons unknown. The Military continues to follow orders that they know are not lawful orders nor have the people’s best interest for reasons unknown.

The American Nationals continue to grow in numbers one at a time, meanwhile watching all of the people that have no clue that their country they thought they had is gone.

Brief of the Situation:

1: The people have been placed into a nursery designed by Metro and Metro babies them like children to get their complacency while abandoned by their government, and

2: The Military is being funded by Metro so they are caught in the middle, however do have the power to break free so that is not an excuse, and

3: The police believe that they are enforcing real state law, but are actually enforcing Metro policies on an international level and it appears that everyone that resists Metro policies are anti-government and violent domestic terrorist groups thanks to Metros SPLC and many other organizations formed by Metro to brainwash the police.

4: The reality is that Metro is not a country and its members are in exile. Most of them hate Government with a passion and are extremely anti-government and extremely violent people that will do anything to destroy any kind of government. That is why they attack ANYONE that stands up for any kind of Constitution yet have one of their own, they are very hypocritical people and never make any sense. Their message is no government whatsoever except theirs, and any violent acts by Metro members are blamed on other governments. Blackmail, kidnapping, murder, rape, drugs you name it, Metro is into it.

What can the people do?

1: Claim a nationality because your leaders exiled you. The American Nationals don’t care which nationality, at least claim one available. If you don’t want to take an oath or affirmation, at least claim a Nationality even if you think you do not have to claim a nationality, better safe than sorry.

2: Create awareness by comparing Metro policies with United States laws and show people the difference.

3: Start helping American Nationals help you. The condition today is people are trying to hold onto what they have and do not want any attention brought to them in fear of losing their assets in a Metro-court. That tactic does not work because eventually Metro personnel will come for you when they have complete control. The reason is, they covet what they see and cannot help themselves because they are jealous of other people’s wealth, so Metro Personnel just comes and takes it when they know there will be no retaliation against them. Metro personnel will always blame others for their own actions, so watch out, do not try to fight that, just find the lie and expose it. The lie is easy to find.

4: The Government of The United States of America is willing to BE the U.S. Militaries Government to settle all of the issues previously mentioned, however, that condition remains to be seen. If we wait too long, Metro will grow stronger and stronger until all personnel in the military are re-placed by Metro personnel under the same name and then attack and destroy the American Nationals and the original Government. The light of freedom will be lost and the world will fall to slavery because all knowledge of freedom will be lost on how to form a nation. That knowledge will be hidden by Metro-Personnel from future generations which is already happening.

If there are any other suggestions, please leave a comment, thank you.