Official Recognition of “Bitcoin” by the Government of The United States of America!











First: THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST would like to thank its readers for taking a little time out of their day for reading this newspaper and visiting the site.  The stats came in and the ratings are much higher than expected in the last two weeks. THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST STAFF was honored by the report and it lifted some spirits. Thank you to all of the readers out there.

Report: Believe it or not, Bit Coin has it RIGHT!  After a week long independent investigation into the banking industry, some interesting revelations came to light about what is really going on with the banks.

There are some basic elements required by the banks to open bank accounts. “Name, address, SSN, date of birth, identification card”. All banks and third party vendors are requiring the information under the authority of the “Patriot Act”. The “Patriot Act” was reviewed and there is only one place that talks about the “SSN” quote: Section 326: (2) requiring foreign nationals to apply for and obtain, before opening an account with a domestic financial institution,
an identification number which would function similarly to a Social Security number or tax identification number; and” end quote.

If that is read correctly, it mentions that the “SSN” is an identification #”. “Social Security” was never intended to be a form of identification at anytime, yet the number is now widely used as an identification #. Further, it is talking about foreign nationals and that is it. 

What is really going on here?

The banks have no business using anyone’s “SSN”, nor do the banks have the right to ask for it unless the account is in the nature of “Social Security” payments and at that time is still not required.  The only agency that may have authority to even know what the “SSN number” is would be the “Social Security Administration” for three specific purposes. Link to those minutes.

Now the “SSN” is required everywhere anyone goes. No court is supposed to ask for the “SSN” nor any other agency is supposed to ask for an “SSN”.  It is not anyone’s business to ask for an “SSN”, yet people that send emails using just their first name from “PayPal”, “Pay Too”, “Click Bank”, and all others tied to USD are asking for extremely private information, without divulging any information as to who they are or where they come from, what their address is and do they actually work for the company.  

Everyone has been hearing about company databases being hacked and all information on over 100,000 people was stolen. It happens about twice a year or more to major companies. The hacking is a cover story for your “private information has been sold to the highest bidder”. The information gathering starts at the local level including but not limited to traffic stops, court hearings, then bank accounts, to utility accounts. All of these accounts are requiring the “SSN” that is being reported as connected to a credit rating. All of those entities are just gathering information for the trans-national corporations for marketing and blackmail purposes.

Most of the people gathering the information are being told the information is a security measure for terrorist activity. Yea, terrorist activity in an age where a satellite system can actually hear a conversation from space and take a picture of a license plate from space.  A satellite can read the date on a dime from 22, 000 miles away. 

All kinds of delays are being implemented unless you give specific information over to employees of private companies that you do not even know and nothing is required of the employee nor the company to give out any of its information. Does that seem a little one sided?

Bitcoin wallets can be opened at anytime without any privacy invasion whatsoever. A merchant account can be opened with just a verification of an email and the right of trade is exercised. The intent behind bitcoin is not money, it is respect and leaving someone with their dignity in tact. There are scare tactics by the “information gatherers” that bitcoin is not safe and open for fraud, however, those same people pointing a finger of condemnation are stealing information they are not entitled to at anytime.  Further, their institutions are “hacked” at least twice a year and the hackers never seem to get caught.  There were never really any hackers in the first place.  Don’t be fooled!

The Bitcoin system is a good and dignified system of trade if anyone is going to use digital currency.  This newspaper thought that this report should be sent out for those that are not aware of what is really happening to them and the real reason why they are being asked so many personal questions that no one is entitled to in the first place.