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There have been some rumors going around that the banks and bankers in the United States look at any new currency as treason against the United States. Lets all look at the facts:

Origin of the dollar: The dollar came from Spain, so therefore anyone using the dollar is automatically a subject or citizen of Spain according to International law. Wait a minute, would that be treason against the United States? or would it be die hard citizens of Spain making sure that the dollar is used in the United States?

Source: Spanish Dollar

Now here come the history exports: The first thing they will claim is the Coinage Act of 1857, claiming that is when the U.S. made its own currency, yet, the U.S. was still claiming the term “Dollar” which technically means that the U.S. has never had its own currency and is still using Spain’s currency and coin by using the word “Dollar”.

Would that be considered treason against the United States? or is the United States committing treason against the United States? or is the federal reserve committing treason against the United States and Spain?

France uses the word “Francs”, Germany uses the word “Mark”, India uses the word “Rupee”, and the bankers are telling everyone that their currency actually belongs to the U.S. by placing US symbols all over a coin, yet still using the word “Dollar”. The currency symbol even belongs to Spain “$”.  The writers of “The Pirates of the Caribbean- At Worlds End” even mentioned the “Pieces of Eight” which is Spanish money. Anyone using the “$” currency symbol and buys something with it, technically the product still belongs to Spain under the rules of private international law and Public International Law. So, are all taxes being paid to Spain or being sent to a receiver in Vatican City on behalf of Spain?

Then the local governments also known as “Private Membership Associations” even use a millage rate devised by someone that thought it would be a real hoot to mess with peoples minds. Milling refers to standards and characteristics in minting a coin, NOT A MATH CALCULATION OR A RATE. 

In order to fix the problem, the following document had to be drafted- If the document is considered a Declaration of Independence from Spain, than so be it, it is a Declaration of Independence from Spain and their slave Treaties with the U.S.

 Declaration of Value and Breaking away

The United States of America would like to say thank you to Spain for hosting The United States of America in its infancy.


A country cannot be independent if it never had its own currency, therefore, it cannot claim allegiance from its citizens nor ever put its citizens on trial for treason against it if it was never independent. Further, it cannot claim to be the Supreme Law of any land because it never belonged to itself.  Nor can it claim benefit and protection from its own Bill of Rights as an un-incorporated Association to hide from its creditors under the vale of private contract rights. Does this  put the statement “Either you are for us or against us” in perspective?

A little piece of advice:

1: Never insult the people handling your food unless you like the taste of someone else’s saliva. 

2: If you have a broken appliance, don’t blame the appliance repair man for the appliance being broken. The appliance repair man is just trying to fix the appliance and had nothing to do with designing, building, or assembling the appliance, the appliance repair man is just trying to fix the appliance.

A: Arrogance, ignorance and blind ambition to prove ones loyalty is an accident waiting to happen.

B: “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”…. Albert Einstein